blepharo-, blephar- +

(Greek: eyelid; of or pertaining to the eyelid[s] or eyelash[es])

Relating to, or referring to, blepharoplasty.
1. Surgical repair of an eyelid. Often performed for ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid) of the eyelid.
2. A surgical procedure to reshape (plasty) the upper and lower lids of the eyes.

A blepharoplasty is performed to correct a sagging upper lid that can sometimes interfere with vision and a puffy, baggy lower lid.

Paralysis of an eyelid or of both muscles of the eyelid.
1. The drooping of the upper eyelid resulting from paralysis.
2. Drooping of an upper eyelid because of paralysis.

Causes include aging, diabetes, stroke, Horner's syndrome (nerve condition which involves a dropping eyelid), myasthenia gravis (fatigue of certain voluntary muscle groups), brain tumor or cancer.

blepharorrhaphy, tarsorrhaphy
A partial or complete suture of the eyelid margins performed to shorten the palpebral fissure or to protect the cornea.
1. Spasm of the eyelid muscle resulting in the closure of the eye or eyes.
2. The involuntary forcible closure of the eyelids.

The first symptom may be uncontrollable blinking. Only one eye may be affected initially, but eventually both eyes are usually involved.

The spasms may leave the eyelids completely closed causing functional blindness even though the eyes and vision are normal.

Blepharospasm is a form of focal dystonia (a condition of either excessive or inadequate muscle tone).

Excision of some of the fibers of the orbicularis muscle, together with overlying skin, to relieve pressure of the eyelid on the cornea in blepharospasm.
An instrument used to hold the eyelids apart.
blepharosynechia (s), blepharosynechiae (pl)
Adhesion, or growing together, of the eyelids.
1. A surgical operation on an eyelid.
2. Surgical incision of an eyelid with the purpose of draining an abscess.
Adhesion (sticking) of the eyelid to the cornea.
A watery swelling of the eyelid.
1. Denoting an excessive watery condition of the eyelids.
2. A reference to any gland bringing moisture to the eyelids.
An abnormally large eyelid.
1. Thickening of the eyelids.
2. Thickening of the tarsal border (edge) of the eyelid.

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