Quotes: Malaprops, Malapropisms

(speaking a foreign language in English; the inability to tell what a person does not mean until he/she has spoken)


I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.

—George W. Bush; Saginaw, Michigan, September 29, 2000.

It is clear our natiion is reliant upon big foreign oil. More and more of our imports come from overseas.

—George W. Bush; Beaverton, Oregon, September 25, 2000.

I think if you know what you believe, it makes it a lot easier to answer questions. I can’t answer your question.

—George W. Bush; Reynoldsburg, Ohio, October 4, 2000.

We must all hear the universal call to like your neighbor just like you like to be liked yourself.

—George W. Bush; Financial Times, January 14, 2000.

We have practically banished religious values and religious institutions from the public square and constructed a “discountfort zone” for even discussing our faith in public settings.

—George W. Bush; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 9, 2000.

Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?

—George W. Bush; Florence, South Carolina, January 11, 2000.

We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile.

—George W. Bush; Des Moines, Iowa, August 21, 2000.

Will the highways on the internet become more few?

—George W. Bush; Concord, New Hampshire, January 29, 2000.

If the terriers and bariffs are torn down, this economy will grow.

—George W. Bush; Rochester, New York, January 7, 2000.

The legislature’s job is to write law. It’s the executive branch’s job to interpret law.

—George W. Bush; Austin, Texas, November 22, 2000.

In the following, do you think it is possible that Bush wanted to say grist as in “Grist for the mill”? Do you get the gist of what he meant?

"I thought how proud I am to be standing up beside my dad. Never did it occur to me that he would become the gist for cartoonists."

Newsweek, February 28, 2000.

—The previous quotes came from George W. Bushisms: The Accidental Wit and Wisdom of our 43rd President,
edited by Jacob Weisberg. New York: Fireside (Simon & Schuster, Inc.), 2000.

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