blenno-, blenn-

(Greek: mucus; a slippery protective secretion that is produced in the linings of some organs of the body by the mucous membranes and glands)

blennadenitis (s) (noun), blennadenititises; blennadenitides (pl)
Inflammation of the mucous glands: The old-fashioned term blennadenitis refers to the swelling and soreness of the mucus-secreting glands.
blennemesis (s) (noun), blennemeses (pl)
The vomiting of mucus.
blennogenic (adjective), more blennogenic, most blennogenic
Pertaining to the secretion of mucus (a protective slippery substance of the body).
blennogerous (adjective), more blennogerous, most blennogerous
Relating to a slippery substance that is secreted as a protective lubricant coating by cells and glands of the mucous membranes in the body.
blennoid (adjective), more blennoid, most blennoid
Resembling or similar to mucus.
blennorrhagia (s) (noun), blennorrhagias (pl)
An abnormal or excessive discharge of mucus.
blennorrhagic (adjective), more blennorrhagic, most blennorrhagic
A reference to a mucus discharge; especially, from the urethra or the vagina.
blennorrhea (s) (noun), blennorrheas (pl)
A term for any discharge from mucous membranes.
blennorrhoic (adjective), more blennorrhoic, most blennorrhoic
blennothorax (s) (noun); blennothoraces, blennothoraxes (pl)
The accumulation of mucus in the bronchial (air) tubes or alveoli (small air sacs in the lungs).
blenny (s) (noun), blennies (pl)
1. A small spiny marine fish with scaleless skin and a blunt head with comb-like teeth; typically living in shallow in shore or intertidal waters.
2. Etymology: from Latin blennius; from Greek blennos, "mucus" because of its slippery or slimy skin coating.
blepharoblennorrhea, blepharoblennorrhoea (s) (noun); blepharoblennorrheas, blepharoblennorrhoeas (pl)
Conjunctivitis or an inflammation of the membranes on the inner part of the eyelids and the membranes covering the white parts of the eyes with a purulent or a pus flow or discharge.
dacryoblennorrhea (s) (noun), dacryoblennorrheas (pl)
1. Chronic discharges of mucus from a lacrimal (tear) ducts.
2. Mucopurulent or mucoid discharge from the lacrimal drainage system.
gastroblennorrhea (s) (noun), gastroblennorrheas (pl)
An excessive production of mucus by the membranes in the stomach: The gastroblennorrhea which Peter experienced in his abdomen often made him feel queasy, as if he were going to throw up.
oligoblennia (s) (noun), oligoblennias (pl)
A state of abnormally reduced mucus secretion.