-ble, -bul

(Latin: a suffix; result of the act of, means of, place for)

assemble (verb), assembles; assembled; assembling
1. To bring or to call together into one place; such as, a group: The judge assembled the jury to present the verdict.

The church will assemble again this Sunday evening.

2. To fit the parts or pieces of something together: Mark was assembling the data of his biology report to present to his university professor.
3. Etymology: from Old French assembler, from Latin assimulare, "to make like, to think like"; later "to gather together"; from ad-, "to" + simul, "together".
To put or to fit together.
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1. Shaking or trembling from a strong emotion; such as, fear or excitement.
2. Being in a state of shaking or trembling, as from fear or excitement.
audible (adjective), more audible, most audible
Referring to something loud or clear enough to be heard: When she was telling the very sad news, her voice was barely audible because she was talking so softly and quietly.

Nature has given us two ears, two eyes and just one tongue, to the end that we should hear and see more than we speak.


Profanity makes ignorance audible.