beta; B, β +

(Greek: B, β; second letter of the Greek alphabet and the second object in any order of arrangement or classification)

beta-decay spectrum
The distribution in energy or momentum of the beta particles arising from a nuclear disintegration process.
beta-ray spectrometer, beta spectrometer
An instrument used to determine the energy distribution of beta particles and secondary electrons.
betatron; beta (ray) + (elec)tron
1. A doughnut-shaped electron accelerator in which the electrons travel in a circular path, being accelerated by a rapidly changing magnetic field.
2. An accelerator in which electrons are accelerated to high energies by an electric field produced by a changing magnetic field.
3. An electromagnetic apparatus for liberating electrons and accelerating them in a quarter-cycle alternating field to the required velocity for discharge against a chosen target.
betatropic; beta (particle) + -tropic
1. Of or pertaining to a difference of one beta particle in the nucleus of an atom.
2. Designating either of two atoms, one of which has been formed by the ejection of a beta particle from the nucleus, with an increase of 1 in he nuclear charge.
phonetic alphabet
A set of symbols, each representing a distinct speech sound.

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