bell-, bel-

(Latin: pretty, beautiful)

embellish (verb), embellishes; embellished; embellishing
1. To increase the beauty of something by adding ornaments or decorations: The author embellished his book with colorful illustrations and gold lettering on the cover.
2. To make a description more interesting by inventing, exaggerating, or adding special details: Sam was embellishing his speech with humorous quotations.

Jason likes to embellish his political speeches with fictitious statements that are not true.

3. In music, to add extra notes, accents, or trills to a melody to make it more beautiful or interesting: During Lina's concert, she was embellishing her music with special rapid alternations of tones.
4. Etymology: from Old French embellier, "to make, or to render beautiful"; from Latin em, "into, in" + bellus, "beauty".
To make more attractive with false details.
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To enhance with invented or exaggerated details.
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embellished (adjective), more embellished, most embellished
embellisher (s) (noun), embellishers (pl)
embellishment (s) (noun), embellishments (pl)