acto-, act-, akto-, akt- +

(Greek > Latin: seashore, beach, strand, promontory)

Actitis macularia (s) (noun), Actitis macularias (pl)
A spotted sandpiper or a shorebird with a long slender beak that it uses to catch insects, worms, and soft mollusks in sand and in mud: During Mark's bird hike, he saw an Actitis macularia along the shoreline, catching insects, etc. with its long beak.
actophile (s) (noun), actophiles (pl)
Creatures, or even humans, that prefer or have a special fondness for living on beaches: Judy couldn't imagine living anywhere else than at the rocky seashores, and her friends termed her as being an arctophile!
actophilous (adjective), more actophilous, most actophilous
A reference to an organism living on rocky seashores or growing in coastal areas: Sand crabs, sand fleas, clams, and blood worms all are considered to be actophilous creatures that thrive in the sand in coastal regions.

Among many actophilous animals are the barnacles, mussels, snails, and starfish which are a great supply of food for many birds, like terns, gulls, and ringed ployers.

aktios (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to the seashore: The Jackson family always went on vacation to the aktios region of their country because they loved the sea, the wind, and the wild birds.
aktites (s) (noun), aktites (pl)
Shore or coast dweller: One type of aktites is the agave aktites, or coastal agave, which is a rare succulent plant that produces rosettes of bluish glaucous gray foliage with short spines that are brown.
epaktios (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to the coastal habitat of organisms; coastal: In her biology book, Nancy read about epaktios plants growing right at the shoreline.
paraktios (adjective), more paraktios, most paraktios
Resembling or pertaining to the coast: The small organisms that Sandy was viewing were all paraktios ones for her biology class which were collected at the shoreline.

After returning from their summer vacation, Timmy drew a picture which showed the paraktios area where they had set up their tent at the beach.