batracho-, batrach-

(Greek: frog)

A descriptive word for a tailless amphibian; for example, a frog or a toad.
Of or relating to vertebrate amphibians without tails; such as, frogs and toads.
A fossil or stone in color resembling a frog.
batrachivorous (adjective), more batrachivorous, most batrachivorous
Referring to bottom-feeding water creatures; such as, certain fish.
batrachoherpetomachia (s) (noun), batrachoherpetomachias (pl)
A fight between a frog and a snake.
batrachoherpetomachy (s) (noun), batrachoherpetomachies (pl)
A fight, or battle, between a frog and a snake.
batrachomyomachy (s) (noun), batrachomyomachies (pl)
1. The battle of the frogs and mice, a mock heroic poem, possibly of the Homeric age.
2. Etymology: from Greek batrachos, "frog" + mys, "mouse" + machia, "fighting", a word related to English "might, machine", and "magic". Mys is of the same origin as Latin mus, from musculus, "a little mouse"; then it became French "muscle" and then it was adapted into English with the same meaning.
The eating or consumption of frogs.
Eating frogs.
batrachophobia (s) (noun), batrachophobias (pl)
A dread or an aversion to toads and newts: Since litte Jenifer was a child, she was afflicted with batrachophobia and abhorred amphibians, like frogs, because they were often wet and slimy!