batho-, bathy-

(Greek: deep, depth)

bathycardia (s) (noun) (no pl)
A condition in which the heart occupies a lower position than normal but is fixed there, as distinguished from cardioptosia (a condition in which the heart is unduly movable and displaced downward): When Mandy had her physical exam, the doctor found out that she had bathycardia and wondered if it had ever been diagnosed by another doctor before.
bathycentesis (s) (noun), bathycenteses (pl)
In surgery, a deep puncture: Bathycentesis was performed by the doctor when a tumor was found and removed from behind the stomach area in Greg's body.
bathyclinograph (s) (noun), bathyclinographs (pl)
A mechanism which measures the vertical currents in the depths of the sea: Those students in the course who were interested in the oceans of the world were taught how to use the bathyclinograph.
bathycolpic, bathykolpic (adjective); more bathycolpic, more bathykolpic; most bathycolpic, most bathykolpic
A reference to a woman having a very full bosom with a deep cleavage: Jane usually had a hard time in finding a blouse or sweater to wear because of her bathycolpic figure.
bathyconductograph (s) (noun), bathyconductographs (pl)
An instrument to assess the electrical conductivity of ocean water at various depths from a moving ship: While traveling on the ocean liner, the specialist used a bathyconductograph to get the results he needed for his project at the university.
bathyesthesia, bathyaesthesia (s) (noun); bathyesthesias; bathyaesthesias (pl)
A consciousness or good sensibilities of the various parts of the body that are located under the surface of the skin, such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and bodily joint sensibilities: When people experience bathyesthesia, they are feeling normal sensations.
bathygram (s) (noun), bathygrams (pl)
A diagram or record acquired from sonic sounding instruments: Part of Joe's project contained the results of the bathygram that he made use of.
bathygraphical (adjective), more bathygraphical, most bathygraphical
A reference to ocean depths and mountain heights: Jack's term paper included a bathygraphical map which greatly impressed his professor!
bathyhyperesthesia (s) (noun), bathyhyperesthesias (pl)
The increased sensitiveness of the structures of the body: There are various bathyhyperesthesias that involve the excessive sensitivity of muscles and other deep bodily structures.

Having the flu seemed to bring on a state of bathyhyperesthesia for Helen because she seemed to feel the discomfort and ache of every muscle and joint in her body.

bathyhypesthesia (s) (noun), bathyhypesthesias (pl)
The decreased sensitivities of muscles and other deep-bodily structures: Ivor never realized that he suffered from bathyhypesthesia until he sprained his ankle and did not feel any intense discomfort.

Zora’s bathyhypesthesia impaired her ability to feel and to describe her ulcer.

bathyhypoesthesia (s) (noun), bathyhypoesthesias (pl)
A decreased sensibility of bodily parts which exist below the surface of the skin: The medication which Dr. Smith administered induced a state of bathyhypoesthesia, which caused Susan to be generally insensitive to pain.
bathylimnetic (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to an organism that lives in the deep-water zone of a lake or marsh: Most bathylimnetic creatures are scavengers, such as catfish and crabs that thrive on dead animals that fall to the bottom of a lake, and in addition, fungi and bacteria help in the decomposition of the lifeless creatures in the bottom area.
bathylite, bathylith, batholith (s) (noun); bathylites; batholiths, batholiths (pl)
A mass of igneous rock that has risen from a great depth: Granite is an example of a batholith, which is quite large and irregularly shaped, and originated from an intrusion of magma.and being exposed after erosion.

Bathyliths are believed to have solidified or crystallised deep within the earth's surface, as exemplified by pluton.

bathylittoral (adjective) (not comparable)
That part of the marine sublittoral zone (sea that lies between the shore and the continental shelf) that is devoid of algae: In her biology class at school, Janet learned about the bathylittoral areas of Florida, California, and North Carolina that are located on the coasts of the U.S.
bathymeter (s) (noun), bathymeters (pl)
1. An instrument for recording contours of deep oceans: Besides being used for deep-sea sounding and measuring, a bathymeter is also good for finding out the topography of the bottom surface of the seas.
2. A simple device used for gaging the deepness of liquids in tanks and wells: Mr. Smart used a bathymeter to find out how much water was left in his waterhole on the farm.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving the "sea" and the "ocean" bodies of water: abysso- (bottomless); Atlantic; bentho- (deep, depth); halio-, halo- (salt or "the sea"); mare, mari- (sea); necto-, nekto- (swimming); oceano-; pelago- (sea, ocean); plankto- (drifting); thalasso- (sea, ocean).