bathmo-, bathm-

(Greek: a step or degree; rank; by steps)

bathmomaniac (s) (noun), bathmomaniacs (pl)
Someone who has a strong desire or craving to go for walks: Ben is an elderly bathomomaniac who gets his daily exercise by walking twice each day, for at least thirty minutes every time, in order to maintain as good a physical condition as possible.
bathmophobia, bathomophobia (s) (noun); bathmophobias, bathomophobias (pl)
An overly intense fear or hatred of walking: Whenever Patrick went out of his house to go to the local store for food, he experienced a bathmophobia that upset him very much.

A bathmophobia may also involve the horror of steep slopes, of going up and down stairs, or of having to be on escalators and elevators.

bathmotropic (bath" moh TROHP ick) (adjective), more bathmotropic, most bathmotropic
Referring to a situation in which the excitability of muscle or nervous tissue is stimulated: Increased responsiveness of the body parts is considered positively a bathomotropic condition and decreased reactions are negative.
bathmotropism (bath moh" TROH piz uhm) (s) (noun), bathmotropisms (pl)
1. An influence on the reactions of the tissues in a body: Bathmotropism applies especially to the degree of the sensitivity of the cardiac nerves.
2. Etymology: from Greek bathmos, "step, degree" + tropism, "to turn, to move in response to a stimulus".