senso-, sens-, sensi-, sensori-, sent-

(Latin: feeling, perception through physical awareness; to discern or detect by touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing, etc.)

The words in this list refer either to physical or mental perceptions, or a combination of both of them.

extrasensory (adjective), more extrasensory, most extrasensory
1. Referring to something that is beyond the normal function of a person's feelings or perceptions: Helen's more extrasensory ability to predict the future was amazingly accurate.
2. Concerning something that can be sensed without the need for hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, or smelling: Mark has an unusual extrasensory talent in perceiving things without the need to utilize his normal physical perceptions.
hemisensory (s) (noun), hemisensories (pl)
The loss of feeling on one side of the body: Marcus has been going to physical therapy three times a week in an effort to overcome the hemisensory he has on his left side.
hypersensitive (high" pur SEN suh tiv) (adjective), more hypersensitive, most hypersensitive
1. Descriptive of a person who is very easily hurt, offended, or upset; fragile: Shirley often has hypersensitive reactions when she remembers that, as a little girl, her poverty stricken parents gave her up for adoption to another couple who were better off financially.
2. Concerning that state of being overly affected or harmed by something, such as medical drugs, diseases, etc.: Reginald is hypersensitive to the medicine that the doctor prescribed and, as a result, he has been suffering with violent reactions even with small amounts.
Very easily offended or having hurt feelings.

Very easily offended or upset.
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hypersensitivity (s) (noun), hypersensitivities (pl)
An abnormally acute or extreme reaction to such things as dust, pollen, or spores: Andrew always carries medication with him to treat his hypersensitivity to flower powders that are in the air during spring.
hypersensitization (s) (noun), hypersensitizations (pl)
A condition in which someone has an excessive response to something or a significant pain, etc.: Kathryn's hypersensitization to certain bodily positions required by her dance instructor resulted in a decision not to become a professional dancer.
hypersensual (adjective), more hypersensual, most hypersensual
Descriptive of something above or beyond the scope of normal feelings or physical comprehension: The rash that appeared on Leah's arm was the most hypersensual reaction to bandages that the doctor had ever seen before.
hyposensitiveness (s) (noun) (no pl)
Pertaining to an abnormally low response to bodily functions or reactions: The hyposensitiveness of Carol's sister to the pain in her broken kneecap resulted in her not seeking medical attention for several days because she thought it was just a bruise.
hyposensitivity (s) (noun), hyposensitivities (pl)
1. Less than a normal response or reaction to stimuli: The doctor was trying to determine the degree of nerve damage in Helen's arm by brushing it with a feather, but the hyposensitivity she was experiencing delayed her response.
2. An overreaction of the immune system (defense against infection), to an antigen (a protein recognized as foreign to the body): Although protective immunity is meant to help people fight a disease, some hypersensitivities are related to allergies that can lead to tissue damage and disease.
insensate (adjective), more insensate, most insensate
1. A reference to a person or an animal that is inanimate and apparently does not know what is going on in the area: Jerry's dog was sleeping so soundly, that it seemed to be as insensate as a log.
2. Pertaining to a lack of common sense or reasonable thinking: Jerry heard the man at the restaurant make insensate comments about the waiter's racial background.
Without control of one's feelings, foolish, brutal.
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Stupid or foolish rage.
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insensately (adverb), more insensately, most insensately
Regarding how a person is foolish, unfeeling, and inconsiderate of the feelings of others: Some people, when riding their bicycles, act most insensately when they almost run into pedestrians and ride in front of cars, not even signaling when they are turning.
insensateness (s) (noun) (no pl)
A condition of being foolish, without normal feelings for anyone else: Josh was always a busy man, and when he was under pressure he displayed an insensateness that was not normal for him.
insensibility (s) (noun), insensibilities (pl)
1. The lack of physical sensations or consciousness: Cara fell to the ground, hit her head, and consequently was lying in a state of insensibility.
2. Unawareness of or unresponsiveness to something: Trevor experienced amnesia and a state of insensibility to the voices of his wife and daughter.
insensible (adjective), more insensible, most insensible
Referring to an individual who lacks feeling or who is indifferent about what's going on: Henry's hands were so cold that he was insensible to any pain.
insensibly (adverb), more insensibly, most insensibly
Concerning how a person is unfeeling and acts without thought or consideration for others: The last person who got on the bus insensibly pushed his way into the others and stepped on the toes of at least one other passenger.
insensitive (adjective), more insensitive, most insensitive
1. Descriptive of a human being who is deprived of the power to feel; unconscious; unheeding or unmindful as to what is going on: After the car accident, Zeb was very insensitive to his environment and others around him for several minutes.
2. Concerning a lack of awareness of other people's feelings and unable to respond to them properly: School bullies are among the most insensitive people in a school.

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