noso-, nos-, nosero-, noser-, -nosia, -nosis, -noses, -nosus, nosema- +

(Greek: disease, sickness)

A disease occurring more often in men.
Indifference to one’s own disease.
anosognosia, anosognosic
1. The apparent unawareness of or failure to recognize one's own functional defect (e.g., hemiplegia, hemianopsia).
2. The lack of interest or belief in the existence of one's disease.
3. Real or feigned ignorance of the presence of disease, especially of paralysis.
4. The inability of a patient to recognize that he/she has a disease.
anosognosic epilepsy
Epilepsy characterized by attacks of which the person is unaware.
anthropozoonosis (s) (noun), anthropozoonoses (pl)
An animal disease (zoonosis) maintained in nature by animals and transmissible to humans, e.g. rabies: One example of anthropozoonosis is brucellosis, an infectious disorder caused by brucella (non-motile-parasitic bacteria), characterized by fever, sweating, weakness, aches, and pains, and communicated to man by direct contact with sick animals or through ingestion of infected meat, milk, or cheese, and is particularly hazardous to veterinarians, farmers, and slaughterhouse workers.
arthronosos (s) (noun), arthronososes (pl)
Any disease of the skeletal connections: The specialty of the surgeon, Dr. Clegg, was arthronosos, leading her to comparative studies of the diseases that take place between the unions of the bones in patients.
A disease of the fetus marked anatomically by a yellow staining of the peritoneum (smooth serous membrane which lines the cavity of the abdomen or the whole body cavity) and pleura (membranes covering the lungs).
dermatonosology, dermonosology
1. The classification of skin diseases.
2. The science of the nomenclature and classification of diseases of the skin.
An advantage by being ill; applies to secondary gratification received through neurotic illness.
A disease occurring more often in women.
A diseased state of the blood in which the quantity of fibrin is below normal.
An excessive or uncontrollable drowsiness.
An allergy resulting from fish; a fish allergy.
Myopathy or a disease of the muscles.
1. An incurable mental depression accompanying a disease.
2. Depression due to serious illness.