iatro-, iater-, -iatria, -iatric, -iatrician, -iatrics, -iatrist, -iatry; -iatricians, -iatrists, -iatries +

(Greek: physician; heal, cure, treat; medical healing)

aceptiatrist, aceptiatry
A physician who specializes in contraception.
agrizoiatrist (s) (noun), agrizoiatrists (pl)
A veterinarian who tends to or is concerned with wild animals: Mr. Dawson worked as an agrizoiatrist with the rangers of the large forest and cared for the deer, bears, rabbits, and wild boars.
agrizoiatry (s) (noun), agrizoiatries (pl)
A branch of veterinary medicine specializing in wild animals: In her studies, Ivy took a class dealing in agrizoiatry in order for her to treat animals that lived in the forest in her area.
1. Medical management, or treatment, of reduced vision.
2. Treatment of amblyopia.
andriatry, andriatrics
1. Medical science relating to the treatment of diseases of male genital organs and of men in general.
2. The branch of medicine dealing with diseases of men; such as, those of the male genitalia.
A medical quack (one who pretends to have medical expertise; a charlatan).
atmiatry (s) (noun) (no pl)
The treatment of a disease by gases or vapors: Dr. Smart told Jane that the best healing method for her ailment would be atmiatry and he gave her some medication for inhaling two times a day.
bariatric physician
A physician practicing bariatrics, the field of medicine concerned with weight loss.
bariatric surgery
Surgery on the stomach and/or intestines to help a person with extreme obesity lose weight.

There are two main types of bariatric surgery; adjustable gastric banding and gastric bypass.

In adjustable gastric banding, insertion of a band restricts the size of the opening from the esophagus to the stomach.

  • The size of the opening to the stomach determines the amount of food that can be eaten.
  • The size of the opening can be controlled by the surgeon by inflating or deflating the band through a port that is implanted beneath the skin on the abdomen.
  • The band can be removed at any time.

In contrast to gastric banding, gastric bypass (sometimes referred to as roux-en-Y gastric bypass) is a permanent reduction in the size of the stomach.

  • The proximal portion of the stomach is used to create an egg-sized pouch that is connected to the intestine in a location that bypasses about two feet of normal intestine.
  • The amount of food that can be eaten is limited by the size of the pouch and the size of the opening between the pouch and the intestine.
A health practitioner specializing in bariatrics.
bariatrics, bariatric
1. That branch of medicine concerned with the management (prevention or control) of obesity and allied diseases.
2. The field of medicine that offers treatment for the person who is overweight with a comprehensive program including diet and nutrition, exercise, behavior modification, lifestyle changes and, when indicated, the prescription of appetite suppressants and other appropriate medications.

Bariatrics also includes research into overweight, its causes, prevention, and treatment.

biological psychiatry
A school of psychiatric thought concerned with the medical treatment of mental disorders; especially, through medication, and emphasizing the relationship between behavior and brain function and the search for physical causes of mental illness.
The study of cattle and their diseases.
Chemistry applied to, or used in, medicine; used especially with reference to the doctrines in the school of physicians in Flanders, in the 17th century, who held that health depends upon the proper chemical relations of the fluids of the body, and who also strived to explain the conditions of health or disease by chemical principles.
chemopsychiatry (s) (noun), chemopsychiatries (pl)
The treatment of mental and emotional disorders by the use of drugs: "As a branch of psychiatry, chemopsychiatry is a treatment of mental problems that uses chemical agents, particularly psychopharmacologic agents, that affect a person's brain functions and behaviors."

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