iatro-, iater-, -iatria, -iatric, -iatrician, -iatrics, -iatrist, -iatry; -iatricians, -iatrists, -iatries +

(Greek: physician; heal, cure, treat; medical healing)

iatrophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An abnormal fear of going to a physician or to places where patients are treated: Mr. Anderson, definitely suffering from iatrophobia, was in a panic when his doctor told him that he had to go to a hospital for his examination.
Abnormal fear of going to see a doctor, especially in the nude.
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1. An Italian school of medicine active in the 17th century; the school opposed iatrochemistry and, inspired by the earlier experiments of Harvey and Sanctorius, comined medicine, physics, and mechanics. René Descartes was an early exponent of iatrophysics, and his posthumous de homine (1662) was the first modern textbook on physiology.
2. Denoting a school of medical thought in the 17th century that explained all physiologic and pathologic phenomena by the laws of physics.
A member of the iatrophysical school.
1. Physics as applied to medicine or of medical and surgical treatment.
2. The treatment of diseases by physical or mechanical means; physiatrics.
3. Physics combined with medicine; a reference to a school of medicine of the 17th century that explained disease and the activities of the body in terms of physics rather than of chemistry.
Pertaining to the techniques of medical practice.
Someone who is trained in and who practices the art of medicine.
iatrotechnique, iatrotechnic, iatrotechnics
1. The art of medicine and surgery.
2. The technique or mode of application of medical science.
A suffix form occurring in compound words that have the general sense of "healing, medical practice", with the initial element usually indicating the area treated.
A physician who specializes in a particular medical area.
Medical science or the study of medicine.
kinesiatrics, kinesiatric
1. The treatment of diseases by means of gymnastics or muscular action.
2. Kinesitherapy, treatment of ailments with movements or exercises.
The study and treatment of speech disorders and defects.
A speech pathologist (a specialist who evaluates and treats people with communication and swallowing problems).
A medical doctor who treats ailments of the armpits or axillae.
A medicine that causes dilation of the pupil in the eye.

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