iatro-, iater-, -iatria, -iatric, -iatrician, -iatrics, -iatrist, -iatry; -iatricians, -iatrists, -iatries +

(Greek: physician; heal, cure, treat; medical healing)

geropsychiatry (s) (noun), geropsychiatries (pl)
A subspecialty of psychiatry dealing with mental illness in the elderly.
A physician who specializes in gyniatrics.
gyniatrics, gyniatry
That branch of medicine dealing with the diseases of women; especially diseases of genitourinary organs; treatment of the diseases of women.
hebiatrics (plural functioning as a singular) (noun)
1. Specializing in the medical treatment of adolescents; adolescent medicine: Hebiatrics is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the treatment of youth between thirteen and twenty-one years of age.
2. A field of medicine pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases occurring during the period beginning with puberty until the maturity of bodily growth.
Relating to the treatment of diseases of horses.
Veterinary medicine branch which is concerned with the diseases of horses.
The medical treatment of horses.
hydriatric, hydriatrics; hydriatry
1. A reference to the use of water to treat or cure disease.
2. The external or internal treatment with water
iatraliptic, iatraliptics
1. An obsolete term denoting treatment by inunction (administration of a drug in ointment form by rubbing to cause absorption of the active ingredient).
2. Relating to the administration of medicinal substances by surface applications to the skin.
Medical negligence.
A lack of faith in doctors or in medicine.
The order of physicians.
The science of therapeutics.
Medical treatment.
1. Pertaining to medicine or to a physician or healer.
2. Anything relating to a physician or medicine in general.
One physician cures you of the colic; two physicians cure you of the medicine.
Physicians of all men are most happy; what success soever they have, the world proclaimeth; and what fault they commit, the earth covereth.
—Francis Quarles (1592-1644), English poet

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