hypno-, hypn-

(Greek: sleep)

A disorder consisting of partial arousal from sleep during which the subject may walk for relatively long distances, return to bed, go back to sleep, and awake the next morning with no memory of having wandered around; somnambulism.
hypnesthesia, hypnaesthesia (s) (noun); hypnesthesias; hypnaesthesias (pl)
1. Sleepiness; a sleepy feeling: After a day outside with fresh air and exercise, Mildred usually feels overcome with hypnesthesia and has a strong need for a nap which she calls a "nappetite".
2. A dulled sensibility resulting from drowsiness: After waking from her nap, Mildred still felt a bit of hypnesthesia and was unable to respond with sufficient energy to prepare her dinner.
Ease of going to sleep.
Inducing or pertaining to sleep.
A method of pshychotherapy in which psychoanalysis is employed in conjunction with hypnosis.
hypnoanesthesia (s) (noun), hypnoanesthesias (pl)
The use of induced sleepiness to block pain or consciousness: Rather than risk the side effects of a medical anesthetic, Lini's cousin opted for hypnoanesthesia for her tonsil operation.
hypnoapnea (s) (noun), hypnoapneas (pl)
A temporary suspension of breathing during sleep; sleep apnea: Janet's husband noticed during the night that his wife had intervals of not breathing when sleeping. Following her examination at her doctor's office, she was told that she had a condition of hypnoapnea that should be treated at once!
The reliving of repressed thoughts and experiences with their affective associations that have been brought out during hypnoanalysis.
An unconscious defecation during sleep.
An instrument for recording movements made during sleep.
The study of hypnosis in dentistry.
The application of controlled suggestion and hypnosis to the practice of dentistry.
hypnody, hypnodic
1. In biology, a prolonged resting period (diapause) during development.
2. A long resting period passed through by the larvae or pupae of certain insects.
hypnoesthesia (s) (noun), hypnoesthesias (pl)
1. A special sensitivity while sleeping: Monroe experiences an auditory hypnoesthesia while sleeping and so he usually wakes up easily to little sounds.
2. A feeling of sleepiness; dulled sensibility; drowsiness: Robert’s experience of hypnoesthesia was compounded by several days of disrupted sleep because of his work schedule at the hospital.
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