gyno-, gyn-, gynaeco-, gyneco-, gyne-, -gynia, -gynic, gynec-, -gynist, -gynous, -gyny

(Greek: woman, women, female, females)

Many of the words from these Greek elements refer to botanic or other biological nomenclature.

1. Having only one wife at a time.
2. In botany, having only one pistil, style, or stigma; belonging to the order Monogynia.
3. Pertaining to asexual reproduction or asexually reproducing organisms.
4. The condition of having a single fertile female as in the colony of many social insects or, in higher forms, having only one female sexual partner.
1. The mating of a male with only one female.
2. The presence of a single queen in a colony of social insects.
3. Producing only male or only female offspring.
In botany, having eight pistils.
1. The mating of a single male with a few females.
2. The presence of a few queens within a single colony of social insects.
In botany, having five pistils.
perigyny, perigynous
1. Situated around the pistil or ovary: said of the stamens when growing upon some part surrounding the ovary (either the calyx, or the corolla, or the edge of the hollowed receptacle); also said of a flower in which the stamens are so placed.
2. Having sepals, petals, and stamens around the edge of a cuplike receptacle containing the ovary, as in flowers of the rose or cherry.
3. Of or being perigynous flower parts; such as, stamens, petals, etc., so arranged.
4. Anything surrounding a female reproductive organ.
5. Opposites of epigynous and hypogynous.
One who has a special love or fondness for women.
1. A special fondness or love of women.
2. Fondness for or devotion to a woman or women
A female pupal ant which has wasted away through the attack of a parasite.
Having the styles of a flower mature before the pollen ripens.
In botany, a reference to stamens or petals when inserted on the sides of the ovary.
1. In botany, having many pistils, styles, or stigmas; specifically belonging to the order Polygynia.
2. Having more than one wife or having several wives (or concubines); practicing, pertaining to, or involving polygyny.
3. In zoology, a reference to a male animal that has several female mates; characterized by polygyny, as a species.
1. The practice of having many female mates.
2. The mating of a single male with several females.
3. The presence of many queens within a single colony of social insects.
The condition of a hermaphrodite in which the female portions mature first.
1. In botany, having the pistil or female organ mature before the stamens or male organs.
2. In zoology, of a hermaphrodite animal, or a colony of zooids: Having the female organs, or individuals, sexually mature before the male.

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