gyno-, gyn-, gynaeco-, gyneco-, gyne-, -gynia, -gynic, gynec-, -gynist, -gynous, -gyny

(Greek: woman, women, female, females)

Many of the words from these Greek elements refer to botanic or other biological nomenclature.

Having eleven pistils.
heptagynous (adjective) (not comparable)
Having seven pistils (seven female reproductive parts) of flowers: "Heptagynous blossoms have seven organs (pistils) that can receive pollen and produce fruits for plants."
The condition in which the female of the species is more variable than the male in its phenotypic expression.
Applied to species of animals in which the females are of two kinds, perfect or fertile, and imperfect or “neuter”, as in bees, ants, etc.
Having six pistils.
hologyny (s) (noun), hologynies (pl)
Characteristics that are manifested by or existing only in females.
Over development of secondary sex characteristics of the mature female or their precocious development in a young girl.
hypogynous, hypogyny
Situated below the pistils or ovary; said of the stamens of a flower when these grow on the receptacle and are not united to any other organ; also of plants having the stamens so placed.
Having pistils or carpels equal in number to the parts of the perianth.
A giant female ant or termite.
A dwarf queen ant.
misogyny (s) (noun), misogynies (pl)
1. A hatred of, animosity towards, or an aversion to women: There are different occasions where misogyny is obvious:
  • Hiring a less capable or an incompetent man for a profession instead of a better suited woman.
  • When certain clubs do not allow women to join because of their gender.
  • In jobs when women are paid less than their male colleagues, although they do exactly the same work.
2. The revulsion of women can be caused by a morbid mental condition experienced from mistreatments during one's childhood; especially, those relating to the parents: Because Jack had dreadful memories relating to his mother and aunt while he was a child, he mistrusted women generally when he was a teenager and a young man and his misogyny influenced his life so much that he avoided girls, and later, women as much as possible and so he never got married.
A hatred of women.
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A hating of all women.
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1. Having only one wife at a time.
2. In botany, having only one pistil, style, or stigma; belonging to the order Monogynia.
3. Pertaining to asexual reproduction or asexually reproducing organisms.
4. The condition of having a single fertile female as in the colony of many social insects or, in higher forms, having only one female sexual partner.
1. The mating of a male with only one female.
2. The presence of a single queen in a colony of social insects.
3. Producing only male or only female offspring.
In botany, having eight pistils.

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