eco-, oeco-, oec-

(Greek: house, household affairs [environment, habitat], home, dwelling; used in one extensive sense as, "environment")

Designed or tending to destroy the environment.
1. Destruction or damage of the environment; especially intentionally; for example, by herbicides in war.
2. Heedless or deliberate destruction of the natural environment, as by pollutants or an act of war.
ecoclimate, ecoclimatology
The climate as an ecological factor; the climate of a habitat.
1. Reflecting ecological conditions in general.
2. A more or less continuous character variation in a sequence of populations distributed along an ecological gradient, with each population exhibiting local adaptation to its particular segment of the gradient.
3. The differences in community structure resulting from changes in slope aspect around a mountain or ridge.
A sub-specific group capable of interbreeding within a population.
In archaeology, a natural object or substance that has not been technologically altered but that has cultural significance; such as, a shell carried from the ocean to an inland settlement.
A socio-political theory and movement that associates ecological (especially, environmental) concerns with feminist ones; especially, while regarding both as resulting from male dominance and exploitation.
Of, relating to, or characteristic of ecofeminism; advocating or adhering to ecofeminism.
A fanatical conservationist or environmentalist.
eco-friendly, eco-friendliness
Ecologically "friendly"; not harmful to the environment. Also applied to products manufactured with explicit regard to the environment.
ecofugic, oikofugic
In psychiatry, a reference to or swayed by the impulse to wander or travel away from home.
ecogeographic (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to the geographical aspects of ecology: Ecogeographic studies deal with the environmental effects of the dispersion of living organisms.
Any activity or substance that may constitute a threat to a habitat or environment.
Legislation dealing with the environment.
The rate of genetic change that occurs in an environment due to the merging of different varieties of a plant species.

Related "home; house" word units: domo-; ecdemo-; nosto-.