-crat, -cracy, -cratic, -cratism, -cratically, -cracies

(Greek: a suffix; to govern, to rule; government, strength, power, might, authority)

Good laws derive from evil habits.


Two characteristics of government are that it cannot do anything quickly, and that it never knows when to quit.

—Jeremy Thorpe
ethnocracy (s) (noun), ethnocracies (pl)
A form of government by a particular racial element of a country; race rule: Ethnocracies consist of particular ethnic groups that have disproportionate amounts of government power.
geocratic (adjective), more geocratic, most geocratic
1. A reference to earth-movements that reduce the area of the earth's surface covered by water.
2. Of or pertaining to the predominant influence of the natural environment on humans.
3. Relating to times or conditions in which land expands or continents enlarge.
gerontocracy (s) (noun), gerontocracies (pl)
A system of government in which senior citizens are chosen as rulers: A gerontocracy consists of a governing group of elders or older people; apparently because they are more experienced.
A member of a gerontocracy or an elderly citizen who has been elected to rule a country.
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Samuel is the ruling leader of his gerontocracy.

gerontocratic (adjective), more gerontocratic, most gerontocratic
The system of government consisting of elderly men.
Government by an old woman or old women.
1. A social organization among insects differing from gynarchy in that the male takes part in establishing the colony.
2. Rule or government by a man and a woman or by both men and women.
Government by a woman or women; women as a ruling class.
gynecocracy (s) (noun), gynecocracies (pl)
A government or the rule of a country by women; a society with such leadership: Germany is one example of a nation that has a gynecocracy and so is Great Britain.
The head of a country by a female.
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The legal government of a country by a woman.
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A government ruled by a woman or women.
1. Government by a woman; a state in which women are legally capable of the supreme command; e.g. in Great Britain (Queen).
2. The government, or political rule, of women.
3. Government by a woman, or women; sometimes in a depreciative sense; "petticoat rule".
A government or sovereignty of people esteemed to be holy.
hierocracy (s), hierocracies (pl) (noun forms)
1. Government by church clergy or priests; ecclesiastical rule.
2. A body of religious clergy that rules a place or country.
3. Rulership by the church or by church officials.
1. A reference to the rule of priests or religious dignitaries; government by priests or ecclesiastics.
2. Descriptive term for a body of ruling priests or ecclesiastics.

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "master, lead, leading, ruler, ruling, govern": -agogic; agon-; arch-; dom-; gov-; magist-; poten-; regi-; tyran-.