arch, -archic, -archical, -archism, -archist, -archy

(Greek: govern, rule; ruler, chief [first in position])

ecclesiarch (s) (noun), ecclesiarchs (pl)
1. An official of the Greek Orthodox Church, resembling a sacrist in the Roman Catholic Church.
2. Literally, "a ruler of a church" or church body.
ecclesiarchy (s) (noun), ecclesiarchies (pl)
Governed by a church or a union of church and a country.
Government from an inner center of conrol.
A government composed of nine rulers.
1. One of the subdivisions of the modern kingdom of Greece; a division of a nomarchy.
2. In the Russian (Greek) Church, a diocese.
ethnarch (s) (noun), ethnarchs (pl)
A governor of a nation or people; a ruler over a province: An ethnarch can be a leader of an ethnic group of people, like a Jewish or an Eastern Orthodox leader, who has political and spiritual authority.
ethnarchy (s) (noun), ethnarchies (pl)
The dominion of a country or state by a leader of a province or division of an intermediate level between a municipality and a region: The ethnarchy is a political unit that is of insufficient size to be considered a kingdom or nation.
gynandrarchy (s) (noun), gynandrarchies (pl)
1. A social organization among insects differing from gynarchy: Gynandrarchy interested Mary and she found out that the male insect takes part in establishing the colony.
2. Rule or government by a man and a woman, or by both men and women: Doug thought that a form of gynandrarchy would provide a way of having complete equality of both men and women when making important decisions for the benefit of all citizens.
1. Government by a woman or women.
2. A social organization among insects in which the male does not take part in establishing the colony.
The rule or government by saints or those considered to be holy.
Ruling together (distinct parts have individual action, but all parts work together).
hecatarchy, hecatonarchy, hecatontarchy
Government by a hundred rulers.
hendecarchy (s) (noun), hendecarchies (pl)
A government that is ruled or administered by eleven people.
heptarch (s) (nouns), heptarchs (pl)
A ruler of one of seven divisions of a country: "Alex was one of the heptarchs of the nations heptarchy."
heptarchy (s) (nouns), heptarchies (pl)
A government by seven rulers; an aggregate of seven districts or petty kingdoms, each under its own ruler: "A heptarchy is one the seven kingdoms reckoned to have been established by the Angles and Saxons in Britain."