balne-, balneo-

(Greek > Latin: bath, bathing; wash, washing)

bagnio, bagnios
1. A brothel.
2. An old term for a prison for slaves in Asian countries.
3. A former term for a public bathhouse in Italy or Turkey.
4. From Italian bagno, "bath", from Latin balneum, which came from Greek balaneion.
Balneology; the science of baths or bathing, especially the study of the therapeutic use of mineral baths.
Caretaker of a bath (feminine).
balneal (noun), more balneal, most balneal
Rare, of or pertaining to baths or to bathing: The spa that Jane went to had physical and balneal therapy included in the price.
People who steal clothing from public baths.
The people who stole clothing from a public bath in ancient Rome.
A bathing room.
The act of bathing.
Belonging to a bath.
balneatrix, balneatricis
Caretaker of a bath (feminine).
balneography (s) (noun), balneographies (pl)
A written description about different forms of baths or bathings.
Of or pertaining to balneology.
1. A specialist or expert in balneology.
2. Someone who practices in the profession of balneotherapy.
1. The scientific medical study of bathing and medicinal springs.
2. The use of hot spring mineral water for healing or therapeutic purposes.

This is considered to be the oldest historic use of natural geothermal waters.

A collector of pictures of bathing girls or a fondness for collecting pictures of girls in swimsuits.

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