andro-, andr-, -ander, -andra, -andria, -andrian, -andric, -andrism, -androus, -andries, -andry

(Greek: man, men, male, masculine; also, stamen or anther as used in botany)

adynamandrous, adynamandry
1. Having non-functioning male reproductive organs.
2. The condition of being self-sterile.
anandrious, anandria
1. Without virility; impotent.
2. In biology, said of a flower lacking stamens.
In botany, having no stamens; a reference to certain flowers.
andragogy (s) (noun) (no pl)
Generally known as the method or technique used to teach adults: Mr. Jones was not interested so much in pedagogy, but in andragog because he thought he would get along with teaching grown-ups better than with teaching unruly children.

Andragogy is mistakenly used to refer to adult education for both men and women learners. “Mistakenly” because andro, -andra- refer only to males and not to women.

Another erroneous explanation is "the art and science of helping adults learn".

1. The dissection of the male body.
2. The physical structure of the male body.
andriatry, andriatrics
1. Medical science relating to the treatment of diseases of male genital organs and of men in general.
2. The branch of medicine dealing with diseases of men; such as, those of the male genitalia.
Male, like a male, male characteristics.
The five stages of men are:
spring chicken
little lamb
young lion
fat cat
old goat
The male portion of a flower.
A rare, benign tumor of the testis that histologically resembles the fetal testis, with varying proportions of tubular and stromal elements; the tubules contain Sertoli cells, which may cause feminization.
androcentric (adjective)
1. Dominated by or emphasizing masculine interests or points of view; as an androcentric society.
2. Having a man, or the male, as the center of importance.
Until Eve arrived, this was a man’s world.
The four stages of man are:
and finally
—Art Linkletter
Having a man’s head (upon an animal’s body).
androchorous (adjective), more androchorous, most androchorous
Dispersed by the agency of man.
androconium, androconial
Scales on the wings of certain male Lepidoptera (butterflies) from which the attractive scent of the male is diffused.
androcracy (s) (noun), androcracies (pl)
The political and social control and rule by males; masculine supremacy: Many countries in the world can be considered to be androcracies because the leaders are always men and never women.
Social and political supremacy by men.
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Male sex cell, especially of an immature stage; spermatid.

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