adeno-, aden-, adeni-

(Greek: gland or glands, glandular [from “acorn”])

adenohypophysitis (s) (noun), adenohypophysites (pl)
Inflammatory reaction or sepsis affecting the anterior pituitary gland; Adenohypophysitis is often related to pregnancy.
adenoid (adjective) (not comparable)
Resembling a gland: Jack had to go to the doctor because of a severe adenoid condition with a greatly enlarged mass of lymphoid tissue at the back of his nose.
adenoid (s) (noun), adenoids (pl)
One of the two enlarged masses of lymphatic tissue that are usually located in the nasopharynx: The two adenoids, when rather big and fat, can clog the nasal and ear passages and can make breathing and speaking difficult for young children.

The growth of lymphoid tissue, located in the upper part of the throat and behind the nose, can swell up and obstruct breathing and speaking.

adenoidectomy (s) (noun), adenoidectomies (pl)
An operation to cut out the adenoids: Adenoidectomy is the surgical removal of the growths in the nasopharynx and is often performed with tonsillectomy.
adenoiditis (s) (noun), adenoiditises (pl)
Inflammation of the adenoid tissue of the nasopharynx: Bob had a very sore throat and Dr. Manning diagnosed it as being a condition of adenoigitis, and prescribed some steroidal medication for treatment.
adenolipoma (s) (noun), adenolipomas (pl)
A benign neoplasm composed of glandular and adipose tissues: An adenolipoma is a glandular tumor containing mostly fatty matter.
adenolipomatosis (s) (noun), adenolipomatoses (pl)
A condition characterized by the development of multiple adenolipomas: Adenolipomatosis is formed by many adenolipomas in the areas of the groin, axilla, and neck.
adenological (adjective), more adenological, most adenological
Of or pertaining to adenology; dealing with the structure of the glands: While Arthur was studying medicine, he had to take a course in the adenological aspects of the human body.
adenology (s) (noun) (no pl)
That part of physiology that deals with the various aspects of glands: Susan needed to find out a lot about the glands in a person's body, so she decided to look for information regarding adenology on the internet.
adenoma (s) (noun), adenomas; adenomata (pl)
A benign tumor of glandular origin or with a gland-like cell arrangement: An adenoma has the structure or appearance of a gland and can be found in the epithelium.
adenomalacia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Abnormal softening of a gland: Gary learned about adenomalacia, or the pathological aspects of glands, depicting a change in the substance or quality and becoming softer than usual.
adenomatoid (adjective), more adenomatoid, most adenomatoid
Resembling an adenoma: The benign epithelial tumor seemed to be of an adenomatoid nature and had to be further examined for the final diagnosis of Jane's disorder.
adenomatosis (s) (noun), adenomatoses (pl)
A condition characterized by multiple glandular overgrowths: The kind of cancer Tom was diagnosed with was adenomatosis, which showed numerous adenomas inside one of his organs.
adenomatous (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to an adenoma: Adenomatous ailments include some types of glandular hyperplasia and is characterised by an accumulation of glandular growths.
adenomegaly (s) (noun), adenomegalies (pl)
Enlargement of one or both adrenal glands: Adenomegaly often occurs in the glands of the neck.