helo- (nail) +

(Greek: nail, stud, wart, corn)

A genus of poisonous lizards; such as, the Gila monster, so named because of the tubercular scales that cover their bodies.

They are native to Mexico and the southwestern United States.

A corn or callosity on the hands or feet.

A "corn" refers to a hardened, or thickened; often painful, area of skin, usually on a toe (or toes), caused by friction or pressure.

heloma durum
A hard corn (horny thickening of the skin) or a callous.
heloma molle
Soft corn or a horny thickening of the skin.
A condition whereby someone is marked by corns.
A reference to being marked by corns.
The cutting, or scraping, of a corn or callus, as a method of surgical treatment.