(Latin: a suffix; a person who, a place where, a thing which, or pertaining to; connected with; having the character of; apparatus)

The following examples of this suffix represent a very small number of those that exist in other parts of this lexicon.

1. Of feelings, etc.; arising or developing in the mind without external constraint; having a purely spontaneous origin or character.
2. Of actions performed or done of one’s own free will, impulse, or choice; not constrained, prompted, or suggested by another.
1. A person bound by vows to live a life of religious worship or service; a devout adherent of a cult or religion; a committed worshiper; as "the votaries of Aphrodite".
2. A person who is filled with enthusiasm, as for a pursuit or hobby; an enthusiast.
1. Relating to or of the nature of a zone; "the zonal frontier".
2. Relating to or having the form of a zone or belt.
3. Placenta with villi arranged in a band or girdle.