therap-, -therapeutic[s], -therapeutically, -therapy, -therapies, -therapist

(Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, [a waiting on])

actinotherapy (s) (noun) (no pl)
The treatment of a disease with actinic rays: Actiontherapy is the medical attention and care of an ailment with rays of light or with photochemically active rays, X-rays, radium, and other radio-chemicals.
actinotherapy, actinotherapeutics
1. Treatment of disease by means of light rays.
2. In dermatology, ultraviolet light therapy.
aerohydrotherapy (s) (noun), aerohydrotherapies (pl)
The use of air and water for therapeutic purposes: Aerohydrotherapy uses varying temperatures to treat disorders of the bodily limbs.

Aerohydrotherapy is the treatment of a disease with using the application of both air and water at various temperatures and by different methods,

aeroionotherapy (s) (noun), aeroionotherapies (pl)
Treatment of respiratory conditions by the inhalation of ionized air with altered electrical charges: There are two kinds of aeroionotherapy of which one is natural and the other one is artificial.
aeropiesotherapy (s) (noun), aeropiesotherapies (pl)
Treatment of a disease or an illness with compressed air; barotherapy: Aeropiesotherapy is an old-fashioned term for the medical aid or care of an ailment or disorder using rarefied air.
aerotherapy, aerotherapeutics (s) (noun), aerotherapies (pl)
A treatment using some kind of air: Aerotheapeutics, for example, is concerned with the treatment of diseases by fresh air or by air of different degrees of pressure or rarity, or by air medicated in various ways.
aerothermotherapy (s) (noun), aerothermotherapies (pl)
Treatment with currents of hot air: Aerothermotherapy is the therapeutic use of warmed air currents conveyed over the surface of the body.
Treatment with systematic feeding; dietetic treatment.
alkalitherapy, alkalotherapy
1. The administration of large amounts of alkali in the treatment of peptic ulcers and hyperchlorhydria.
2. Therapeutic use of alkali for local or systemic effect.
Considered an obsolete term for the treatment of an ailment with sand baths.
The medicinal use of substances made from grapes.
Treatment by increasing doses.
Treatment with androgenic hormones, such as testosterone.
The treatment of an ailment with bee venom.
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