therap-, -therapeutic[s], -therapeutically, -therapy, -therapies, -therapist

(Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, [a waiting on])

helioaerotherapy (s) (noun), helioaerotherapies (pl)
The treatment of diseases by exposure to sunshine and fresh air: Dr. Martin thought that helioaerotherapy would be a very good idea for Chuck's daughter who suffered from a chronic and recurrent lung ailment.
heliotherapy (s) (noun), heliotherapies (pl)
1. The use of the sun's rays for therapeutic treatment purposes: Heliotherapy has long been used as a treatment for various skin conditions.
2. The treatment of certain diseases by exposing the body to sunlight: Heliotherapy is also known as "solar therapy" or "solar treatment".
hemotherapy, hemotherapeutics, hematherapy
The treatment of a disease with the administration of blood or blood products, such as blood plasma.
1. A rarely used term for the treatment of disease of the liver or therapeutic use of liver extract or of the raw substance of the liver.
2. The therapeutic use of liver extract or of the raw substance of the liver.
Treatment of disease by remedies that are antagonistic to the principal symptoms of the disease; nonspecific therapy.
Therapy treatment with induced sweating; also, hydrosudotherapy.
Treatment of disease by prayer and religious practices.
Horseback riding as physical therapy for people who have cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy, polio, mental retardation, and other disabilities.
The treatment of disease with chemical compounds or drugs.
The remedial use of animal tissues.
homeotherapy, homeotherapeutics
1. Treatment or prevention of a disease using the principles of homeopathy.
2. Therapy for a disease by means of an agent that is similar to but not identical with the causative agent of the disease.
Treatment with hormones.
The therapeutic use of exercises performed while the patient is immersed in water.
Hydrotherapy combined with induced sweating as in a Turkish bath, sauna, etc.; also hidrotherapy.
hydrotherapy, hydrotherapeutics
1. Treatment of an illness with water by external application, either for its pressure effect or as a means of applying physical energy to the tissues.
2. The external application of water; such as, in warm baths to relax or with cold compresses to reduce fevers.
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