mania-, -mania, -maniac, -maniacal, -manic, -manically, -maniacally

(Greek: a specific mental disorder or obsessive preoccupation with something; madness, frenzy; obsession, or abnormal desire for or with something or someone; also, an excessive enthusiasm or fondness for something that is not safe or advantageous)

cacodaemonomania (s) (noun), cacodaemonomanias (pl)
An obsession that someone is convinced that he or she is inhabited by a demon, or possessed of and controlled by a devil or some other evil spirit.
cacodemonomania (s) (noun), cacodemonomanias (pl)
An abnormal mental condition in which the patient claims to be possessed by an evil spirit or demon: The psychiatrist was trying to cure Ashton of his cacodemonomania before he became too delusional and might kill himself.
cacospectamania (s) (noun), cacospectamanias (pl)
An obsession to stare at something which is repulsive or vulgar: "After finding some animal protection information leaflet, Duncan couldn't take his eyes off the ugly pictures of animals being mistreated and slaughtered. It was certainly a case of cacospectamiania, being so absolutely engrossed in these pictures."
callomania (s) (noun), callomanias (pl)
1. A pathologic attraction to people or objects because of their beauty alone, without regard for other qualities.
2. The delusion by someone who thinks that she is beautiful.
Fat woman views herself in a mirror as young and beautiful.
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capnomania (s) (noun), capnomanias (pl)
An obsessive or uncontrollable desire or habit of smoking one or more tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.) which may also be defined as an addiction.

See the pages at this Capnomania-Fumimania link, Part 1 where you may see special images and information for a better understanding of smoking and smokers.

capnomaniac (s) (noun), capnomaniacs (pl)
A person, or people, who have an obsessive or uncontrollable desire or habit of smoking one or more tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.) which for many is an addiction.

These words were coined by John G. Robertson in his book, An Excess of Phobias and Manias which was published in 2003 because they were not known to exist in any lexicon or other published source.

carpomania (s) (noun), carpomanias (pl)
An excessive production of fruit: Mark was pleased with the carpomnias that his apple trees were presenting for harvest later.
catabythismomania (s) (noun), catabythismomanias (pl)
An abnormal desire, or recurrent impulse, to drown oneself: Mary was suffering so much from the pains in her elbows and knee joints that she was considering a catabythismomania in her bath tub.
catapedamania (s) (noun), catapedamanias (pl)
An impulse to jump from high places: Adam was an athlete who enjoyed climbing up mountains and gliding down with his parachute in catapedamanias to the valleys below whenever he has the opportunity to do them.
catoptromania (s) (noun), catoptromanias (pl)
An abnormal fondness for, or a compulsion, to use a looking glass or mirrors: Mildred's catoptromania compelled her to use every opportunity to look at herself in the looking glass that she carried in her purse or had in all of her rooms where she lived.

The proud queen walked from room to room, each of which contained one or more cheval glasses, and her abnormal catoptromania included the constant checking of her hair, her make-up, the clothes she was wearing, etc.

cenotomania, cainotomania, kainotomania (s) (nouns); cenotomanias, cainotomanias, kainotomanias (pl)
An abnormal love for or morbid impulses for new or fresh situations, objects, places, or activities.
ceraunomania, keraunomania (s) (noun); ceraunomanias, keraunomanias (pl)
A abnormal desire to be around when there are thunder and lightning exhibitions put on by nature.
cheromania or chaeromania (s) (noun); cheromanias or chaeromanias (pl)
A compulsion toward gaiety or happiness which is characterized by exaltation.
Chinamania (s) (noun), Chinamanias (pl)
An extravagant desire for the collection of old-china ware; or an excessive fondness for things that are Chinese.
chionomania (s) (noun), chionomanias (pl)
An abnormal desire for snow.

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