path-, patho-, -path-, -pathia, -pathic, -pathology, -pathetic, -pathize, -pathy

(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception; suffering, disease, or disorder; a system of treating diseases)

In medicine, some of these elements usually mean "someone who suffers from a disease of, or one who treats a disease"; so, they should not be confused with the words that mean "feeling" which are also shown on these pages even though both meanings come from the same Greek element.

gynopathic (adjective) (not comparable)
Concerning an ailment specific to women: For her yearly check-up, Lynn went to have a mammogram performed to see if there were any gynopathic symptoms in her breasts.
gynopathy (s) (noun), gynopathies (pl)
Any of the assorted diseases characteristic to women: Dr. Thompson recommended Jenny to have a regular check-up every year to make sure there were no symptoms of gynopathy developing.
haematopathology, hematopathology (s) (noun) (no pl)
The study of diseases of the blood: Research included in hematopathology examines ailments of the blood, like anemia, and bleeding disorders, such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.
haematopathy, hematopathy (s) (noun); haematopathies; hematopathies (pl)
In pathology, any kind of disease of the blood: One example of hematopathy is anemia, which is a very common blood disorder.
haemopathology, hemopathology (s) (noun) (no pl)
The study of diseases of the blood: Part of her studies in medicine was doing research in hemopathology in which disorders of the blood were carefully examined and diagnosed.
haplopathy (s) (noun), haplopathies (pl)
A simple type of disease: In the very beginning of medical school, the students were confronted with ailments termed haplopathies, which were supposed to be uncomplicated and easy to diagnose.
heliopathy (s) (noun), heliopathies (pl)
A physical injury from too much exposure to sunlight: Kitty stayed out too long in the sun while at the swimming pool and her skin suffered from heliopathy because it became very red and sore, and some of her skin even got blisters!
hellstromism (s) (noun) (no pl)
A technique simulating telepathy, in which the "mind reader" (who generally holds a hand or arm) responds to slight muscle movements produced unconsciously by the person whose mind is apparently being read; "muscle reading"; "Cumberlandism": Hellstromism was coined by Robert Nelson as being the development and practice of a "sixth sense" or "perception" that enabled the operator to divine certain thoughts and commands of others.

According to the creator of the term and the practice of this system of communication, "Hellstromism is true mindreading, and in its highly developed stages is definitely divorced from any element of trickery or fraud. It is the writer's sincere conviction that the development of the faculty will lead to the revelation of mysteries and possibilities of the mind that are far beyond our present day conception."

Hellstromism by R.A. Nelson; Revised Edition (private printing); 1960.
hematopathy (s) (noun), hematopathies (pl)
A disease of the blood: Hematopathy is one of the disorders of the blood or of the hemopoietic system.
hemoglobinopathy, haemoglobinopathy (s) (noun); hemoglobinopathies; haemoglobinopathies (pl)
A blood disorder which is caused by a genetically determined change in the molecular structure of hemoglobin: Hemoglobinopathy is an ailment due to abnormalities in the hemoglobin molecule, the best known being "sickle cell anemia" in which there is a single amino acid substitution ("valine" for "glutamate") in position six of the beta chain. In other cases one of the globin chains is synthesised at a slower rate, despite being normal in structure.
hemopathy (s) (noun), hemopathies (pl)
An abnormal condition or disease of the blood: In his medical studies, Jonathan learned about hemopathy pertaining to the unusal and peculiar infections of the hemopoietic tissues and blood of a person's body.
hepatopathy (s) (noun), hepatopathies (pl)
Any disease of the liver: Chuck, who loved drinking wine, read about the consumption of alcohol being a cause of hepatopathy, and he decided to go to his doctor to be consulted on this subject.
heteropathic (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to the approach of allopathy: Heteropathic effects are said to occur when treating an illness with cures that cause results unlike those which were produced by the illness itself.
heteropathy (s) (noun), heteropathies (pl)
1. Hyperesthesia; abnormal sensitivity to stimuli: Heteropathy can also be described as a severe acuteness of sensation to touch or pain, or to any other kind of sensory stimulant.
2.Allopathy: Heteropathy is a term applied to that system of therapeutics in which diseases are treated by producing a condition incompatible with or antagonistic to the condition to be cured or alleviated.
hidropathy (s) (noun), hidropathies (pl)
A reference to any disorder or ailment of sweating: In the textbook Jack was reading, it said that hidropathy related to some illnesses of persperation.

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