grapho-, graph-, -graph, -graphy, -grapher, -graphia

(Greek: to scratch; to write, to record, to draw, to describe; that which is written or described)

As indicated at the bottom of this page, there is a significantly large number of graphic word-entry groups in this unit. Such an extensive listing is provided to show how important the grapho- element is to the English language.

Related to, or referring to, the reproduction of something printed; such as, offset printing, microfilming, photography, or xerography.
The reproduction of something printed; for example, by offset printing, microfilming, photography, or xerography.
A photograph of the retina.
Photography of the retina.
The technique of measuring blood flow of the brain; commonly used to denote impedance rheoencephalography which uses changes in electrical impedance and resistance as a measure of flow.
The photographic record of the curve of variations in experiments upon the electromotive action of muscles.
rhyparography, rhypography; rhyparographer, rhyparographist, rhyparographic
1. The painting or description of sordid objects; lower class art.
2. The genre or still-life pictures of sordid subjects.
3. The paintings or, sometimes, the literary depictions of mean, unworthy, or sordid, subjects.
roentgen cymography (or) roentgen kymography (s) (nouns)
An roentgenographic technique for recording on a single X-ray film the extent and rate of movements of the borders of an organ or structure in the body.
An apparatus for recording the movements of the heart and great vessels or of the diaphragm on a single film.

It consists of a lead sheet called the grid in which are cut horizontal or vertical slits, typically less than 1 mm wide, spaced 1-2 cm apart.

During an X-ray exposure lasting as long as several cardiac or respiratory cycles, the grid or the film is moved vertically to record cardiac motion or horizontally for diaphragm motion.

The recording of movements of the heart by means of the roentgenkymograph (an apparatus for recording the movements of the heart and great vessels or of the diaphragm on a single film).
Moving picture photography of x-ray studies.
roentgenograph, radiograph
1. Another name for an X-ray.
2. A film produced by radiography.
Relating to or produced by roentgenography.
Radiography that uses X-rays to produce a roentgenogram.

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