volen-, volunt-, voli-, vol-

(Latin: will, free will, free choice; to wish; personal desire)

Ad captandam benevolentiam (Latin phrase)
Translation: "To win good will."

For the purpose of winning good will.

benevolence (s) (noun), benevolences (pl)
1. Disposition to do good, a desire to promote the happiness of others; kindness, generosity, charitable feeling as a general disposition towards mankind at large: The benevolence of the musicians' union was seen in the generous number of free musical instruments the members gave to the community's music school.
2. An expression of goodwill, an act of kindness; a gift or grant of money; a contribution for the support of the poor: The widow gave a generous benevolence to the community library in memory of her late husband who had been an author and had also donated many books to that library.
benevolent (adjective), more benevolent, most benevolent
1. A reference to a desire to do good things for other people, of a kindly disposition, charitable, generous: An anonymous and benevolent donor provided funds to help the homeless people in Hugo's community.
2. Pertaining to an organized effort to do good things for people: Rene's sister volunteered to work with a benevolent organization that helps elderly people get the help that they need so they can stay in their homes if that is their desire.
A tendency to provide happiness for others.
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Descriptive of concern for the well-being of other people.
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Disposed to promote the prosperity and happiness of others.
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benevolently (adjective), more benevolently, most benevolently
1. An inclination to perform kind, charitable acts: Sarah was benevolently inspired when she decided to volunteer at local children's medical clinic.
2. Characterized by a kindly act; such as, a gift given out of generosity: Henry's mother acted benevolently when she gave a large music scholarship to the local university.
benevolentness (noun) (no plural)
An act that is philanthropic, human, kind, and generous by nature: The advertising campaign of the symphony orchestra foundation appealed to the benevolentness of the patrons who support the arts and culture of the city.
Deo volente; D.V.
God willing.

This expression is used to call on God when initiating an enterprise or looking forward to the future; as in, "Deo volente we will return safely from our trip." It is also abbreviated as D.V.

diversivolent (adjective)
Desiring strife or differences.
malevolence (s) (noun) (no plural form)
Being illegal; the wishing or the cause of bad things happening to others; ill-will, malice, spitefulness: The malevolence of gas attacks on its citizens is considered absolutely one of the worst things that the regime of the country could do.
malevolent (adjective), more malevolent, most malevolent
Pertaining to an individual who attempts destructive activities or exerts an evil influence: The more malevolent prisoners tried to incite a riot by using all of their most hateful comments and misinformation to provoke others to rebel against the prison guards.

The author of the crime novels described a malevolent character who often committed heinous crimes under the guise of being a kindly old neighbor.

Showing intense ill will.
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Wanting bad things to happen for others.
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Doing harm or bad things to another person.
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malevolently (adverb), more malevolently, most malevolently
Relating to doing painful things to other people or wanting to harm them: The malevolently looking face of the insane man was marked with scars as he looked around the corner to choose the next victim he would attack.
nolens, volens
Whether willing or not.

Literally, "being unwilling, willing". This refers to anyone who does something he/she really does not want to do, but does it nolens, volens. Sometimes the phrase is used to mean "willy-nilly" or "hap-hazardly".

omnibenevolence (s) (noun), omnibenevolences (pl)
Universal generosity, kindness, acts of charity or support for all, without prejudice: There are some nongovernmental organizations in poor countries which are acting under a mandate of omnibenevolence by extending their help to everyone possible.