volen-, volunt-, voli-, vol-

(Latin: will, free will, free choice; to wish; personal desire)

omnibenevolent (adjective), more omnibenevolent, most omnibenevolent
A reference to showing goodwill, kindness, and charitableness for all people: Food was being distributed as an omnibenevolent gift to all of the flood victims.
Quotes: Generosity, Benevolence, Altruism
Worthy traits to have within ourselves: generosity, altruism quotes.
somnivolent (adjective), more somnivolent, most somnivolent
A reference to someone who desires to sleep.
vindictivolence (s) (noun), vindictivolences (pl)
1. A reprisal or retaliation against someone who is considered to have done a harmful thing to another person: Maxine was considering a vindictivolence, or repayment, for a neighbor who threw rocks onto her lawn; however, her religious beliefs made her reconsider any such action and so she gathered the stones and put them in a corner of her backyard.
2. Etymology: from Latin vindicta, "avenge, vengeance (punishment inflicted)" + volent, "wishing".

Although the following cartoon is about an adjective vindictive, it also illustrates the meaning of the noun vindictivolence!

Unforgiving, spiteful, bitter, and revengeful.
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Volens et potens.
Willing and able.

Motto on the original State seal of Nevada, USA.

volent (adjective)
1. Exercising, or capable of exercising, will or choice in respect of one’s conduct or course of action.
2. Someone who freely chooses or determines the course of action which he/she follows.
volente Deo.
God willing.

Also see Deo volente.

volition (s) (noun), volitions (pl)
1. The act or power to choose something freely or to make decisions or choices: Tim's neighbors went on a trip for two weeks on their own volition despite the bad weather forecasts.
2. Etymology: from Latin volitio from volo, "I wish, I want, I intend."
The act of choosing to do something.
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Depending on volition or free choice.
1. Of or pertaining to the will; volitional.
2. Performed deliberately or with express intention; designed, deliberate.
Of one’s own free will or accord; without compulsion, constraint, or undue influence by others; freely, willingly.