ven-, vent-, veni-, ventu-

(Latin: come, coming)

Ab inconvenienti (Latin phrase)
Translation: "From the inconvenience."

A discomfort, difficulty, or annoyance.

Used in law to state that a position is untenable because of the hardship or inconvenience it would create.

Marjory's lawyer appealed the sentence from the court, stating that it was ab inconvenienti because she needed to care for her children and her aged mother.

1. To accede or come (to); to be superadded, as part of something, though not essential.
2. To come to; reach.
That which comes or happens; an event, incident.
Coming (to anything) from without; additional, superadded; adventitious.
1. In the ecclesiastical calendar, the season immediately preceding the festival of the Nativity, now including the four preceding Sundays; from Latin, adventus, "arrival".
2. The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour of the world; the Incarnation; hence his expected Second Coming as Judge, and the Coming of the Holy Spirit as at Pentecost.
3. By extension, any important or epoch-making arrival. In modern usage applied poetically or grandiloquently to any arrival.
adventitious (adjective)
1. Of the nature of an addition from without; extrinsically added, not essentially inherent; supervenient, accidental, casual.
2. Appearing casually, or out of the normal or usual place; especially, in botany of roots, shoots, buds, etc. produced in unusual parts of the plant.
3. Not in the usual order or place.
4. Not natural or hereditary; such as, roots that form on stems, a growth of hair where it usually does not grow, or the growth of a plant in a foreign habitat.
1. That which comes to us, or happens without design; chance, fortune, luck.
2. A chance occurrence, an event or issue, an accident.
3. A hazardous or perilous enterprise or performance; a daring feat; hence, a prodigy, a marvel.
4. Any novel or unexpected event in which one shares; an exciting or remarkable incident befalling any one.
5. The encountering of risks or participation in novel and exciting events; adventurous activity, enterprise.
1. One who seeks adventures, or who engages in hazardous enterprises.
2. One who engages in warlike adventures, attaching himself to no party; a soldier of fortune; also, a volunteer, one who makes war at his own risk.
3. One who is on the look-out for chances of personal advancement; one who lives by his wits.
Given to adventures, or to running risks; adventurous, venturesome.