thanato-, thanat-, thanas-, -thanasia, -thanasic, -thanatous +

(Greek: death, dead)

active euthanasia (s) (noun), active euthanasias (pl)
The deliberate putting of someone to death because that person is suffering from a painful and incurable disease and desperately wants to die: Active euthanasia is another term for "mercy killing".
aneuthanasia (s) (noun), aneuthanasias (pl)
A painful death: Aneuthanasia is a difficult death that occurs with pain and suffering.
The lengthening or extension of life; postponement of death, as opposed to euthanasia.
Not dying, immortality.
An older term for suicide.
cacothanasia (s) (noun), cacothanasias (pl)
A bad, harsh, or terrible death.
1. An undignified and painful death due to the postponement of a merciful death.
2. Painful or lingering death.
Death caused by electrocution including lightning, accidental exposure to electricity, and formal execution.
1. A quiet, painless death.
2. The deliberate ending of life in individuals with an incurable and painful disease.

Ethical considerations are still being actively debated. One difficulty is determining the criteria by which the physician, or society, determines that the time has come to end the patient's life.

1. A reference to a gentle, painless, and easy death.
2. Characterized by the action of inducing a gentle and easy death.
3. Relating to the intentional putting to death of a person with an incurable, or painful, disease intended as an act of mercy.
Someone who advocates euthanasia.
1. Death caused by drowning.
2. Execution or accidental death by drowning.
involuntary euthanasia
Euthanasia performed without the consent of a competent person.
nonvoluntary euthanasia
Euthanasia provided to an incompetent person according to a surrogate's decision, or the decision of someone who is appointed to represent or act on behalf of another person.
1. A normal or natural manner of death and dying.
2. Sometimes used to denote the deliberate stopping of artificial or heroic means of maintaining life so the person can die naturally.

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