testi-, test-

(Latin: a witness, one who stands by)

testophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
A hatred of taking tests: Many students think they have testophobia because they detest taking the required tests in school.
1. An androgen isolated from the testes of a number of animals, including man, and considered to be the principal testicular hormone produced in men.
2. It accelerates growth in tissues on which it acts and stimulates blood flow.
3. It stimulates and promotes the growth of secondary sexual characteristics and is essential for normal sexual behavior and the occurrence of erections.
4. It is responsible for deepening of the male voice at puberty, greater muscular development in men, development of the beard and pubic hair, and the distribution of fat in adult men.
testosterone therapy
WESTPORT, February 16, 2000 (Reuters Health) - Testosterone therapy provides short-term relief of hypogonadal symptoms in men with symptomatic HIV infection, according to a multicenter group. Specifically, after six weeks of therapy, the subjects showed improvements in libido, energy levels, mood and muscle mass.
Ubi pugnantia inter se in testamento juberentur, neutrum ratum est.
Where repugnant or inconsistent directions are contained in a will, neither is valid.
Ultima voluntas testatoris est perimplenda secundum veram intentionem suam.
Used in law: the last will of a testator is to be fulfilled according to his true intention.
Uxor non est sui juris, sed sub potestate viri.
A legal term meaning: A wife is not her own mistress, but is under the power of her husband.