tacho-, tach-, tachy-

(Greek: fast, speed, swift, rapid)

tachyphemia (s) (noun), tachyphemias (pl)
1. An abnormal rapidity of speech.
2. Characterized by fast talking, or speaking with great speed, as seen in some mental disorders.
The abnormal rapidity of speech.
Abnormally rapid mental activity.
1. Rapid immunization to a toxic dose of a substance by previously injecting tiny doses of the same substance.
2. Rapid appearance of progressive decrease in response following repetitive administration of a pharmacologically or physiologically active substance.
3. Also known as tachysynethis.
tachypnea, tachypneic
Excessive rapidity of breathing.
British spelling of tachypnea.
Swiftness of action.
Abnormally rapid action of psychological processes.
1. Tachycardia; an excessively or abnormally rapid heart rate.
2. Increase in the frequency of brain waves in electroencephalography up to 12 to 50 per second.
A reference to a plant that disperses its seeds quickly.
tachytely, tachytelic
1. A significantly fast rate of evolutionary change, that occurs as populations shift from one major adaptive zone to another.
2. Evolution at a rapid rate resulting in differential selection and fixation of new types.
Killing quickly, rapidly fatal.
Rapid or increased metabolism.
tachyzoite (s) (noun), tachyzoites (pl)
A stage of rapid development of protozoan coccidial (a subclass of protozoan) parasites: Tachyzoites invade cells of nearly any kind and multiply until the cell perishes after which the tachyzoites are set free to infest further cells.