scrib-, script-, -scribe, -scription, -scriptive

(Latin: write, record)

Writing has not always been available for the "common person" to utilize. In the past it was restricted only to the few who were educated especially for that purpose either as scribes or monks who dedicated their lives to this vocation. You can learn more about the ancient Egyptian scribes by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

A draftee; one who is enrolled or drafted into government service.
Obligatory enrollment of citizens for a period of service, usually in the armed forces.
describable (adjective), more describable, most describable
Pertaining to an account of something when details of its characteristics are available.
describe (verb), describes; described; describing
1. To set forth in words, written or spoken, by reference to qualities, recognizable features, or characteristic marks.
2. To give a detailed, or graphic, account of by giving details of its characteristics.
3. To give an account of in speech or writing.
4. To convey an idea or impression of something or to characterize it.
Someone who gives an account or representation of someone, or something, in words or by a figure, model, or picture.
description (s) (noun), descriptions (pl)
A written or verbal account, representation, or explanation of someone or something.
A policeman is describing a criminal to a police artist.
A police officer is providing a description of a criminal to a police artist.

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1. Containing or consisting of description.
2. Serving mainly to label, describe, or classify.
In a descriptive manner that refers to, constitutes, or is grounded in matters of observation or experience.
To draw a circle outside of a triangle tangent to one side of the triangle and to the extensions of the other two sides.
A writing desk, often with a hinged flap that conceals drawers and pigeon holes.
furor scribendi
A passion for writing.
1. That which cannot be described; that does not admit of exact description; indefinite, vague.
2. That which transcends description; too great, beautiful, etc. to be adequately described.
1. To an inexpressible degree.
2. Impossible to describe; especially, because of being extremely good or bad.
Capable of being written or engraved; such as signs, words, names, etc.
1. To write, mark, or delineate (words, a name, characters, etc.) in or on something; especially, so as to be conspicuous or durable, as on a monument, tablet, etc.
2. To write or enter the name of (a person) upon an official document or list; to enroll.
3. To dedicate (a writing or work of art) to a person by a short inscription (placed at the beginning of a writing, or beneath a picture, etc.), less formal than an ordinary dedication.
Ancient hieroscribe symbol There is a special presentation about the history of the ancient scribes at this "Professional-Egyptian scribe story", Part 1.

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