plankto-, plankt-, -plankton

(Greek: passively drifting, wandering, or roaming)

acroplankton (noun) (singular and plural)
Organisms floating extremely high in the air.
aeroplankton (noun) (singular and plural)
1. An organism or a substance that is carried by air, e.g., bacterium, pollen grain, etc.
2. Those organisms freely suspended in the air and dispersed by wind; aerial plankton.
3. A collective name for all the forms of minute or tiny organic life drifting in the air.
anemoplankton (noun) (singular and plural)
Wind borne organisms that float in the wind.
That which produces algal blossoms.
A theory that there may be living material drifting in space.
bathyplankton (s) (noun) (no pl)
Planktonic organisms that undergo diurnal vertical migration, moving up towards the surface at dusk and down away from the surface at dawn: Bathyplankton live at a depth below the bathyal zone or in the greater depths of the abyssal zones.
Organisms that consist primarily of gelatinous sheaths.
1. Planktonic organisms gaining buoyancy from gelatinous or mucous envelopes.
2. Plankton organisms that gain the physical capability of floating as a result of mucilaginous or gelatinous envelopes (surrounding or enclosing structures).
contortoplankton (s) (noun), contortoplanktons (pl)
Consisting of a floating mass of diatoms.
1. Planktonic organisms of persistent snow, ice, and glacial waters.
2. Plankton inhabiting snow and ice.
In the forms of bands or ribbons.
A predominance of disc diatoms.
Planktonic organisms utilizing oil droplets for buoyancy.
1. Planktonic organisms living within the surface 200 m (the epipelagic zone).
2. Organisms living attached to larger pelagic organisms or to floating objects.

For more details about planktonic life, see Plankton Varieties.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving the "sea" and the "ocean" bodies of water: abysso- (bottomless); Atlantic; batho-, bathy- (depth); bentho- (deep, depth); halio-, halo- (salt or "the sea"); mare, mari- (sea); necto-, nekto- (swimming); oceano-; pelago- (sea, ocean); thalasso- (sea, ocean).