pass-, pati-

(Latin: suffering, feeling; enduring)

1. Having sorrow or consideration for the sufferings or troubles of another or others, accompanied by an urge to help; deep sympathy or pity.
2. Suffering together with another, participation in suffering; fellow-feeling, sympathy.
3. The feeling or emotion, when a person is moved by the suffering or distress of another, and by the desire to relieve.

Compassion is the sympathy with which some people remember the homeless because it costs nothing.

—Based on an Evan Esar quote.
compassionate (adjective), more compassionate, most compassionate
1. Conveying a feeling or showing sorrow for the misfortunes of another person; sympathetic, kind-hearted, pitying: After the death of Mr. Smith, a colleague at work, Janet wrote a compassionate letter to his wife reflecting her sorrow at the loss of her husband.
2. Relating to, or characterized by, thoughts of helping others in their sufferings: Many refugees will never forget the compassionate and sympathetic support they received from the volunteers after their hardships of crossing the sea and landing in Europe.
Merciful and sympathetic.
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In a compassionate manner.
Having no sympathy or pity; without compassion.
Feeling or showing compassion; sympathetic, compassionate, pitiful.
A condition of suffering, or of being affected, together with another.
Mutual tolerance; consistency, congruity, rapport, like-mindedness.
compatible (adjective), more compatible, most compatible
Referring to people who get along well together in agreement or harmony; rapport: The two friends, Janet and Mary, were very compatible and so they often spent their holidays together.

Jack and Sally loved and trusted each other believing that they could have a compatible marriage with an amicable relationship.

Descriptive of a harmonious relationship.
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Compatibility; consistency; fitness; agreement.
With compatibility; fitly; suitably; consistently.
A passion opposed to or the opposite of another.
Absence of passion, bias, or emotion; condition of coolness toward someone or something; apathy.
dispassionate (adjective), more dispassionate, most dispassionate
1. A reference to being free from emotions or bias: The teacher heard both sides of the argument that the two students were having in a dispassionate and reasonable way and she gave her advice for a solution which would satisfy each one.
2. Conveying no influence by strong feeling; especially, not affected by personal or emotional involvements: The surgeon, who was performing the operation, maintained a dispassionate manner even though the patient was his son.
Uninfluenced by emotion or bias, impartial.
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In an impartially dispassionate manner: "Although he was looking at the other woman, he did it dispassionately."

"He spoke dispassionately about the accident he just had."

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