orchido-, orchid-, orchio-, orchi-, -orchium

(Greek > Latin: testes; testicles)

The terms testis (singular) and testes (plural) refer to the male reproductive gland (or glands), the source of spermatozoa and of the androgens, usually paired in an external scrotum in man and certain other mammals. The word testicle is a diminutive of testis.

A tumor of a testis or testicular tumor.
orchidopathy, orchiopathy (s) (noun); orchidopathies; orchiopathies (pl)
A disease of the testis; testopathy: Orchidopathy can occur in boys who are still growing, or in men who have an unusual condition of the testicles.
orchidopexy, orchiopexy, orchidorraphy
1. Fixation of the testis in the scrotum, usually in cases of undescensus.
2. Surgical treatment of an undescended testicle by freeing it and implanting it into the scrotum.
orchidoplasty, orchioplasty
Plastic surgery of the testis.
Ptosis (drooping), or prolapse (falling down or sinking) of the male gonads.
Removal of one or both testes.
1. Embryonal carcinoma.
2. An obsolete (out dated) term for soft tumor of the testis.
Inflammation of the testis and epididymis.
orchilytic, orchitolytic
Destroying testicular tissue.
Descent of the testis.
1. Hernial protrusion of a testis.
2. Scrotal hernia.
3. Tumor of a testis.
4. A testis retained in the inguinal canal.
orchiodynia (s) (noun), orchiodynias (pl)
Pain in the testtiles: In medical school, James learned that there were many reason for a case of orchiodynia including prostatitis, hydrocele, and varicocele.
Plasmacytoma (malignant tumor of plasma cells) of the testis.
1. A neoplasm (new and abnormal formation of tissue) of the testis.
2. Tumor of the testis; testicular tumor.
orchiopexy, orchiorrhaphy
Surgical fixation of the testis in the scrotum, usually in cases of undescensus.

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