orchido-, orchid-, orchio-, orchi-, -orchium

(Greek > Latin: testes; testicles)

The terms testis (singular) and testes (plural) refer to the male reproductive gland (or glands), the source of spermatozoa and of the androgens, usually paired in an external scrotum in man and certain other mammals. The word testicle is a diminutive of testis.

anorchism, anorchidism
Absence of the testes; may be congenital or acquired.
A person having no testes; also, one whose testes are undescended.
A condition in which there is an undescended testicle or testicles.
Surgical removal, or correction, of undescended testicles.
cryptorchism, cryptorchidism
1. Condition of having an undescended testicle or testicles.
2. Failure of one or both of the testes to descend.
A collection of water (hydrocele) in the testis, as in the tunica vaginalis or along the spermatic cord.
1. Excessive internal secretion of the testicles.
2. Said to be an obsolete term for increased size or increased functioning of the testes.
Decreased internal secretion of the testicles.
mesorchium, mesorchial
1. Peritoneal fold supporting the testis in the fetus.
2. In the fetus, a fold of tunica vaginalis testis (the serous membrane surrounding the front and sides of the testicle) supporting the mesonephros and the developing testis.
3. In the adult, a fold of tunica vaginalis testis between the testis and epididymis.
Having very small testes.
monorchid, monorchidism, monorchidic
Having only one testicle or apparently having only one while the other one is undescended.
A person or animal with only one testicle.
The condition of having only one testicle.
orchalgia, orchialgia, orchidalgia, orchioneuralgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Pain in the testis: Orchalgia can occur because of kidney stones, testicula cancer, and an injury among other causes.
Excision of the testes; castration.

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