miso-, mis-, -misia

(Greek: hate, hater, hatred; disgust for; revulsion of; contempt for; abhorrence of)

Don't confuse this miso-, mis- unit with the following units: mis-, "bad, wrong"; miss-, -miss, -mis- "send, throw".

misodust (s) (noun), misodusts (pl)
A fanatical dread of dirt, especially of being contaminated and exposed to the germs in it: Some of those who suffer from misodust keep the windows in their houses closed all the time and install elaborate air-filtering equipment to keep the air as clean as possible.

There are also those who feel compelled by their feelings regarding misodust to constantly wipe surfaces and clean their living quarters so often that they are considered to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Anyone who hates dust and the germs that are in it.
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misogamic (adjective), more misogamic, most misogamic
Relating to the horror felt by some people who despise being united in marriage with anyone: Because of having had such a short and dreadful marriage with a young woman, who only loved his money, Dwight’s decision to lead a misogamic life, without any legal ties to a woman, probably was the best decision for him.
misogamist (s) (noun), misogamists (pl)
Someone who hates marriage: June was a convinced misgamist, who made a decision never to wed or have a husband based on the experiences she had when her parents separated and divorced, which proved to her that this kind of marriage was not something she wanted to get involved with!
A man who never Mrs. any woman.
—Evan Esar. Esar’s Comic Dictionary
misogamous (adjective), more misogamous, most misogamous
Conveying a hostility of or an aversion to marriage: Jakes’s misogamous opinion of not being married was made even stronger when his friends could never go out with him after work, because they had to go home right away to be with their wives and children.
A man in love is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished.
—Zsa Zsa Gabor
misogamy (s) (noun), misogamies (pl)
A hatred of marriage or an aversion to being married: Brian is a strong believer in misogamy because he has been divorced three times and so he has strong feelings against any future commitments as a husband with any other women.

Misogamy is the mental bias that matrimony, not money, is the root of all evil.
—Evan Esar. Esar’s Comic Dictionary
A hatred of marriage.
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A strong negative feeling against marriage.
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misogelastic (adjective), more misogelastic, most misogelastic
Relating to an extreme hostility to or dislike of laughter: Olive always loved to laugh when anything exciting or funny happened and she didn't understood why any of her colleagues never took part in the cheery atmosphere; apparently, perhaps it was because they were misogelastic people, thinking that giggling or being cheerful distracted them from their work.
misogrammar (s) (noun), misogrammars (pl)
The intense hatred of having to learn grammar or similar subjects: Some students in school certainly are misogrammars, since some of them never take their foreign language textbooks home with them, not doing their homework, or avoiding the study of any of the vocabulary words or sentence structures of the language.
misogrammatist (s) (noun), misogrammatists (pl)
Anyone who hates having to learn letters, grammar (structures of language) or having to study anything of a similar nature: Holly’s favorite subject at school was art and she was very talented in it; so, when she was allowed to, she dropped German, knowing that she, as a misogrammatist, was very poor at memorizing certain verb forms, adjective endings, pronunciations, etc. in this language.
misogyne (s) (noun), misogynes (pl)
A hatred of women which may be expressed by both women and men: Randy had read about a case of misogyne in his psychology book and he just couldn’t understand why people had such hostilities against members of the "fair sex", because his mother was such a wonderful person, loving, gentle, understanding, and so helpful and supportive.
misogynic (adjective), more misogynic, most misogynic
A reference to the abhorrence of women which is expressed by some men as well as women: One hysterical female detested all women and all things effeminate because since early childhood she had always wanted to be a male and she did as much as possible to become masculine.
misogynism (s) (noun), misogynisms (pl)
An extreme loathing of females which may be based on unhappy experiences during childhood or even as an adult: Carl’s mother was very dominant and unjust when he was growing up in his family, because she always preferred his sister to him bought her expensive items but not for him; therefore, a feeling of misogynism, based on those earlier experiences, steered him away from any contact with women.
misogynist (s) (noun), misogynists (pl)
Someone who has a hostility toward women or an intense dislike of women: Usually men are misogynists because they believe that they are better than the female gender.
A man who hates women.
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misogynistic (adjective), more misogynistic, mostmisogynistic
A sense of animosity and hostility against females: The attitudes and teachings of the religion made Julia want to leave the organization because of their misogynistic teachings regarding women and how they are inferior to men.
misogynous (adjective), more misogynous, most misogynous
Conveying a dislike of women or descriptive of a man who believes that men are much better than women: The local club's refusal to allow women to become members is absolutely an unacceptable misogynous behavior.
misogyny (s) (noun), misogynies (pl)
1. A hatred of, animosity towards, or an aversion to women: There are different occasions where misogyny is obvious:
  • Hiring a less capable or an incompetent man for a profession instead of a better suited woman.
  • When certain clubs do not allow women to join because of their gender.
  • In jobs when women are paid less than their male colleagues, although they do exactly the same work.
2. The revulsion of women can be caused by a morbid mental condition experienced from mistreatments during one's childhood; especially, those relating to the parents: Because Jack had dreadful memories relating to his mother and aunt while he was a child, he mistrusted women generally when he was a teenager and a young man and his misogyny influenced his life so much that he avoided girls, and later, women as much as possible and so he never got married.
A hatred of women.
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A hating of all women.
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