auri-, auro-, aur-

(Latin: gold, yellow)

Don't confuse this word family with another auri- family unit which means "ear".

aureole (AHR ee ohl) (s) (noun), aureoles (pl)
1. A ring of light surrounding a figure or object; especially, in religious paintings: Linda’s hair is blond and so when she was standing in the sun the other day, her head looked like it was encircled by a shining aureole.
2. A circle of light surrounding the sun: The solar eclipse showed the sun with its luminous sphere, also called an aureole.
3. Etymology: from Late Latin aureola, "golden"; from Latin aurum, "gold".
A halo or an encircling illumination.
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auriferous (adjective), more auriferous, most auriferous
Descriptive of geological constructions which contain gold: Among the prospectors, Jim and Jeff were very happy when they found auriferous rocks in the stream bed of the area.
aurify (verb), aurifies; aurified; aurifying
aurigraphy (s) (noun), aurigraphies (pl)
A writing or graving in gold.
aurivorous (adjective) (usually not comparable)
Feeding on or devouring gold.
Treatment of disease by the administration of gold salts; also, chrysotherapy.
1. An inspiring standard or symbol.
2. The red or orange-red flag of the "Abbey of Saint Denis" in France, used as a standard by the early kings of France.
3. From Old French orie flame; from Latin aurea flamma, "golden flame".