klept-, klepto-, -kleptic; clepto-, clept-, -clepty, -cleptic

(Greek: theft, thief, steal)

klepto, clepto (s) (noun); kleptos, cleptos (pl)
A slang term for "kleptomaniac".
kleptobiosis, cleptobiosis (s) (noun); kleptobioses, cleptobioses (pl)
Among ants and certain other social insects, an association in which a small species feeds on the refuse of a neighboring nest inhabited by a larger species, or robs returning workers of the host species of the food they are carrying.
kleptobiotic, cleptobiotic (adjective); more kleptobiotic, more cleptobiotic; most kleptobiotic, most cleptobiotic
1. Descriptive of an association during which one species forages upon the food stores of another species, but otherwise does not associate with the them.
2. Referring to stealing, or robbing, food from other living plant, insect, or animal groups.
kleptocracy, cleptocracy (s) (noun); kleptocracies; cleptocracies (pl)
A government characterized by rampant greed and corruption: In the magazine article that Clive was reading, it said that a kleptocracy was a ruling body consisting of criminals or thieves.
kleptocrat, cleptocrat (s) (noun); kleptocrats, cleptocrats (pl)
A political leader who is a part of a ruling body of thieves stealing from the people: There are nations that are ruled by governmental kleptocrats who live in luxury while the people live in poverty.
kleptogamy (s) (noun), kleptogamies (pl)
A behavior pattern in which males from outside a group, or lacking in status within the group, attempt to mate with females from the group, often by means of some deceptive behavior.
kleptolagnia, cleptolagnia (s) (noun); kleptolagnias, cleptolagnias (pl)
A morbid desire that is associated with erotic feelings that are associated with stealing.
kleptomania (s) (noun), kleptomanias (pl)
An irresistible tendency to steal, not because of a necessity, but as a result of a mental compulsion: Sam was concerned about the unusual amount of jewelry that he found in the cupboard and wondered if his partner was experiencing an episode of kleptomania and was stealing items from the flea markets.
The theft of things that are not needed.
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kleptomaniac, cleptomaniac (s) (noun); kleptomaniacs, cleptomaniacs (pl)
A person who is affected with the compulsion to steal even when it is not a necessity: The kleptomaniac was apprehended when he stole some items in the grocery store and left without paying for them even though he had plenty of money.
Don’t worry if you’re a kleptomaniac, you can always take something for it.
—Author Unknown
A compulsive stealing of things that are not needed.
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kleptomaniacal (adjective), more kleptomaniacal, most kleptomaniacal
A reference to someone who steals because of compulsions and not as a result of physical need: Peter managed to keep his kleptomanical tendencies under control by shopping with a list and not picking up anything else.
kleptomanist, cleptomanist (s) (noun; kleptomanists, cleptomanists
A person who can't resist stealing things even when they are not needed.
kleptophilia (s) (noun), kleptophilias (pl)
A perverted fondness or love for taking things from other people without their permission: An example of kleptophilia is the illegal entry into and theft from the residence of those who are not at home.
myrmecoclepty, myrmecoklepty (s) (noun); myrmecoclepties, myrmecoklepties (pl)
A symbiosis or living together of ant species in which the guest species steals food directly from the host species.
philokleptic, philocleptic (adjective); more philokleptic, most philokleptic; more philocleptic, most philocleptic
Relating an attraction to thrives or robbers, or the opportunities to obtain items without paying for them: Susan read in the newspaper of a man's philokleptic support in helping others to rob the bank.