hedono-, hedon-, -hedonia, -hedonic

(Greek: pleasure, joy, and being happy)

musical anhedonia (s) (noun), musical anhedonias (pl)
The inability to enjoy music or the inability to find pleasure in musical tunes: "There are some people who have musical anhedonia and so their brains are apparently desensitized to the enjoyment of music."

"Abby doesn't want to listen to any of the radio programs that play music of any kind because she is unable to experience any pleasure from such sounds."

"Musical anhedonia is a newly-termed concept that focuses on idea that even though people who can feel pleasures from other things, music is not one of them."

musical anhedonic (adjective), more musical anhedonic, most musical anhedonic
A reference to a condition in which a person has no pleasure in listening to music: "After Harry listened to the news on his radio, he turned it off because he had a musical anhedonic feeling about the programs that usually came on when the news reports were finished."
nikhedonia (s) (noun), nikhedonias (pl)
1. The elation and exultation of anticipating a victory or success.
2. Etymology: from Nike, "the Greek goddess of victory" + hedone, "pleasure".