hedono-, hedon-, -hedonia, -hedonic

(Greek: pleasure, joy, and being happy)

anhedonia (s) (noun), anhedonias (pl)
1. Absence of pleasure from the performance of acts that would ordinarily be enjoyable: Saul said that he feared he was suffering from anhedonia because walking in the quiet forest gave him no pleasure.
2. The inability to feel pleasure: Sadie's severe depression brought on a state of anhedonia and she was unable to enjoy any of the things that she once loved to do.
An incapacity for feeling pleasure or happiness.
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anhedonic (adjective), more anhedonic, most anhedonic
Incapable of feeling or experiencing pleasure: "Matthew has been having anhedonic feelings since the death of his wife."
hedonic (adjective), more hedonic, most hedonic
1. Relating to or marked by pleasure: "In wider use, primarily in psychology, hedonic reactions refer to pleasurable or painful sensations or feelings; specifically, hedonic tone, the degree of pleasantness or unpleasantness associated with an experience or state; especially when considered as a single quantity that can range from extreme pleasure to excessive pain."

"In zoology, the hedonic gland or the various specialized glands found in many reptiles and amphibia that serve, apparently by secreting an attractive-smelling substance, to attract members of the opposite sex."

2. Pertaining to anyone who maintains that joy and happiness are the proper results of human actions: "The ancient hedonic school of Greek philosophers were called cyrenaics; those who believed that 'pleasure is the highest good'."

In pursuit of money, working ever harder, we are, on a "hedonic treadmill"; a phrase that resonates with most of us. Right across Europe people report more stress, harder work, greater fear of insecurity, chasing elusive gains. The seven key factors now scientifically established to affect happiness most are: mental health, satisfying and secure work, a secure and loving private life, a safe community, freedom and moral values.

—Lord (Richard) Layard, the director of the Center
for Economic Performance in England.

For some people, the only way to maintain permanent satisfaction with one's income is to do the impossible: to continually increase income without limit; or to be on a "hedonic treadmill".

hedonical (adjective), more hedonical, most hedonical
A reference to anything that brings pleasure or enjoyment.
hedonics (noun) (a plural form used as a singular)
1. The branch of psychology that studies pleasant and unpleasant sensations and states of mind.
2. In philosophy, the branch of ethics that deals with the relation of pleasure or jubilation to duty.
hedonism (s) (noun), hedonisms (pl)
1. The doctrine or theory of ethics in which pleasure is regarded as the primary good, or the proper end of action: Hedonism is said to be the thesis that pleasure is the highest good; that only pleasure has value in itself.
2. Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure; especially, to the pleasures of the senses: Pleasure is not the same as happiness, so hedonism is not the same as "eudaimonism", the thesis that happiness is the highest good.
3. In philosophy, the ethical doctrine holding that only what is pleasant or has enjoyable consequences is intrinsically good: Hedonism and asceticism (doctrine of self-denial) are opposing philosophies of human behavior.
4. In psychology, the doctrine that behavior is motivated by the desire for happiness and the avoidance of pain: The psychiatrist encouraged his patient to follow the precepts of hedonism by not doing anything that might cause her any discomfort but to be positive and to find joy and pleasure in life.
Looking for pleasure where it can be found.
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Here is more significant information about hedonism.

hedonist (s) (noun), hedonists (pl)
Someone who seeks pleasure and happiness as a way of life: As a committed hedonist, Jason believes that the pursuit of delight and enjoyment are the most important objectives in his life.
Someone who is a seeker of pleasure.
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hedonistic (adjective), more hedonistic, most hedonistic
Pertaining to the actions or desires of seeking joy and gratification in life.
hedonistically (adverb), more hedonistically, most hedonistically
hedonology (s) (noun), hedonologies (pl)
The science of human pleasure.
hedonomania (s) (noun), hedonomanias (pl)
An irresistible craving for mirth and delight.
hedonometer (s) (noun), hedonometers (pl)
Used humorously, an apparatus for measuring pleasure.
hyperhedonia (s) (noun), hyperhedonias (pl)
1. An excessive craving for or an abnormal enjoyment when doing anything.
2. An abnormal sexual excitement.
hyperhedonism (s) (noun), hyperhedonisms (pl)
The feeling of an abnormally great joy and delight in any action or happening.
hyphedonia (s) (noun), hyphedonias (pl)
An abnormal decrease of happiness and cheer in actions that should normally give pleasure.