glypto-, glypt-, -glypha, -glyph, -glyphic, -glyphous +

(Greek: carve, carving, engraving; to hollow out; by extension, a form of writing)

Ancient hieroscribe symbol This ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, the symbol of the Egyptian scribe, will take you to an explanation of hieroglyphs for a greater understanding of these special writing symbols.

To avoid or to put off a writing assignment until the very last possible moment.
aglyphous, aglypha
Of a snake’s tooth: solid, without a groove for venom. Of a snake: (belonging to a group Aglypha) having such teeth.
A reference to a trace fossil.
1. An engraver of gems for rings and other ornaments.
2. The inscription of the engraver's name on a finger ring or gem.
The art of engraving gems.
dendriglyph, dendriglyphs
Tree carving or carvings on trees.
dermatoglyphics (duhr-mat-uh-GLIF-iks, duhr-muh-tuh-GLIF-iks) (pl) (noun) (a plural form used as a singular)
1. The configurations of the characteristic ridge patterns of the volar surfaces of the skin; in the hand, the distal segment of each digit has three types of configurations: whorl, loop, and arch.
2. The science or study of skin markings or patterns; especially, those of the fingers, hands, and feet; also, such skin markings themselves.
3. The science of skin patterns, especially fingerprints.
diaglyph, diaglyphic
A sculpture or engraving in which the figures are sunk below the general surface; an intaglio (a figure or design incised or engraved; a cutting or engraving in stone or other hard material).
diglyph, diglyphic
An ornament consisting of a projecting face or tablet with two vertical grooves or channels.
ditriglyph, ditriglyphic
The space between two triglyphs.
The art of decorating the female knee to make it more erotic.
geoglyph (s) (noun), geoglyphs (pl)
Any ground-constructed example of rock art by using rocks, stones, earth, etc.: Examples of ,geoglyphs can be intaglios or rock alignments, straight lines, geometric shapes, and other representative designs found on the desert plain.

Geoglyphs can be formed by piling up materials on the ground surface or by removing surface materials and most suggest a largely ceremonial function.

1. A sculptured mark or symbol.
2. In architecture, a groove or channel, usually vertical, used as an ornament; especially, in a Doric frieze.
3. A carved figure or character in relief.
Carved, sculptured.
A plate made by glyphography, or an impression taken from such a plate.

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