fumi-, fum-

(Latin: smoke, vapor)

fuming (adjective), more fuming, most fuming
1. Giving forth a visible vapor, a property of concentrated nitric, sulfuric, and hydrochloric acids, and certain other substances; such as, smoke, haze; vapors, unpleasant odors, and stenches: "The fuming cigar of a customer made eating disagreeable for others who were in the restaurant."
2. A reference to anger, rage, flying off the handle, exploding, or flaring up: "When Shirley hung up the phone, her fuming behavior was a result of her anger with her boyfriend."
fumiphobia (s) (noun), fumiphobias (pl)
An intense hatred of smoking or having anyone around who is polluting the air in the immediate vicinity with tobacco smoke: Being afflicted with a fumiphobia, Mrs. Clean didn't allow her friends or acquaintances to enter her house if they were puffing on cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, and she didn't go to any restaurants or cafés where this was allowed.

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fumiphobiac (s) (noun), fumiphobiacs (pl)
A person who has a hatred or fear of being around others who smoke tobacco products: Mr. Straight, a fumiphobiac, couldn't stand individuals who polluted the air with using cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, etc., and thought that they could not control themselves and had no regard for others.
A man has fumiphobia.
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fumish (adjective), more fumish, most fumish
1. Relating to the emission of smoke or vapor.
2. Referring to a chimney that is smoky.
3. Characteristic of the nature of fumes which rise in the body or stomach.
fumivorous (adjective), more fumivorous, most fumivorous
Relating to feeding, consuming, or living on smoke.
fumose (noun), more fumose, most fumose
1. Referring to something that is full of fumes, giving off fumes, vaporous, flatulent.
2. Pertaining to being smoky, thick with smoke, like smoke.
fumosity (s) (noun), fumosities (pl)
1. The quality of being full of fumes or vapors.
2. The flatulent quality of various articles of food; the heady quality of wine, etc.
3. Ill-smelling breath; smell of food or drink in the breath.
4. A vaporous exhalation from anything or the volatile part given off from a mineral or something similar.
fumous (adjective), more fumous, most fumous
1. A reference to the giving off of fumes; especially, tending to generate wind or gas in the stomach; flatulent.
2. Pertaining to smoke or smoking.
fumulus (s) (noun), fumuli (pl)
In meteorology, a delicate, almost invisible cloud veil that can occur at any of the principal cloud altitude levels.
Fumum et opes strepitumque Romae.
A Latin statement: "The smoke, the wealth, and the din of Rome."
fumy (adjective), fumier, fumiest
Relating to producing or filling with vapors or smoke.
infumate (verb), infumates; infumated; infumating
To smoke something or to dry by smoking.
perfume (s) (noun), perfumes (pl)
1. The odorous fumes or vapor given off by the burning of any substance, especially by such things that emit an agreeable odor; such as, incense: "Who's wearing tht spicy perfume?"
2. The volatile particles, scent, or odor emitted by any sweet-smelling substance; the fragrance diffused by a liquid scent, exhaled by flowers, etc.: "Those roses perfume the whole garden."
3. A substance, natural or prepared, that emits, or is capable of emitting an agreeable odor; a fluid containing the essence of flowers or other odorous substances; scent.

Originally applied to a diffuse sweet-smelling odor when something was burned.

4. Etymology: from Latin per-, "throughly" + fumus, "smoke"; literally, "thoroughly smoked, full of smoke or vapor".
perfumer (s) (noun), perfumers (pl)
Someone who makes and/or sells compositions of sweet smelling products.
perfumery (s) (noun), perfumeries (pl)
1. The preparation of pleasant smelling fluids or the business of a person who produces such fragrant odors.
2. A place of business where pleasing aromas are sold in bottles.

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