capno-, capn-, capnod-

(Greek: smoke; vapor; sooty [extended meaning is carbon dioxide])

kapne (s) (noun), kapnes (pl)
A smoke-hole or a chimney.
kapnodes (pl) (noun) (a plural used as a singular)
That which is like smoke; sooty; dusty.
kapnograph (s) (noun), kapnographs (pl)
Designs or pictures that are produced on a smoked surface of glass, etc.
kapnography (s) (noun), kapnographies (pl)
Name for a mode of producing designs or pictures on a smoked surface of glass, etc.
miscapnologist (s) (noun), miscapnologists (pl)
A specialist in the study of the mistakes and dangers of smoking.
miscapnology (s) (noun), miscapnologies (pl)
The study of the mistakes and dangers of smoking.
misocapnic (adjective), more misocapnic, most misocapnic
A reference to anyone who loathes or has a vehement dislike of tobacco smoke and those who cause it: Susan's mother never let anyone into the house who puffed on a cigarette, cigar, or pipe; because as a misocapnic person, she was quite adamant against it and never went to a restaurant which allowed people to indulge in this habit.
Pertaining to the hatred of tobacco smoke.
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misocapny (s) (noun), misocapnies (pl)
A hatred of tobacco smoke in all or specific forms: Dr. Jackson had patients who smoked and many of them even developed lung cancer and died; so, his misocapny regarding smoking convinced him to hang up posters and have pamphlets about the horrendous dangers of inhaling such fumes all of which were made available for his patients to see.
normocapnia (s) (noun), normocapnias (pl)
1. The presence of a regular concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood and serum: The medical students, Tim and Steve, were intent on designing a new device to measure the normocapnia in the blood of patients.
2. A healthy condition in which the CO2 levels in the arteries are standard: Dr. Alison's patient was discharged from the hospital when her carbon dioxide levels had reached a status of normocapnia.
permissive hypercapnia (s) (noun), permissive hypercapnias (pl)
Artificially induced hypercapnia (more than the normal level of carbon dioxide in the blood) in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome or respiratory failure.

Done to lower the inspiratory pressure and tidal volume and the possibility of lung injury.

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